12 Delicious and Low-Syn Slimming World Recipes to Try in 2024

Updated on 
5 September, 2023

Low-Syn Slimming World Recipes: 12 to Try in 2024

Looking for healthy and tasty Slimming World recipes which are syn-friendly? The key to sticking with your diet plan is to make your recipes exciting and different to avoid getting bored with the plan, and luckily, due to the wide range of syn-free foods on the SW plan, there are lots of syn-free and slimming-friendly recipes you can make.

Our Top List Of The Best Slimming World Recipes

To save you some time, we've done the hard research for you and rounded up our favourite Slimming World recipes below to give you some weeknight cooking inspiration.

SW Balsamic Chicken & Paprika Potatoes

This Slimming World balsamic chicken and paprika potatoes recipe are perfect for a family meal, super easy to make and paired with pasta making it syn-free.

To make this recipe you will need some light Philadelphia which you can use as your healthy extra A, chicken thighs, dried pasta of choice, potatoes, balsamic vinegar, smoked paprika and a few other spices. Get the full recipe details here.

Skinny Cauliflower Cheese

If you're a lover of cauliflower cheese, you're probably aware of just how calorific cauliflower cheese can be on the plan, with the average 100g portion having 6 syns. Luckily, you can make your skinny version of cauliflower cheese at home!

To make the recipe lower in syns use semi-skimmed milk instead of regular milk and add in quark to make the sauce thick, the Parmesan cheese in this meal can be used as your healthy extra A, we've got all the detailed steps here.

Healthy Fruit Muffins

If you fancy something sweet for breakfast, these blueberry and lemon muffins are a great recipe to try, saving you a lot of syns in comparison to regular blueberry muffins which are often loaded with sugar, and have similar calories and syns to a regular cake.

In order to make these muffins healthier, they use sweeteners to cut back on the sugar and oats to reduce the flour, making them a healthy way to start your day. If you feel like baking check out the recipe here.

Baked KFC Chicken

KFC chicken is loaded with calories due to being deeply fried, this increases their fat content making them high in syns.

To beat your KFC cravings and avoid getting this takeaway favourite, you can make a Slimming World copycat takeaway version at home, baking instead of frying to reduce fat content and using wholemeal bread crumbs as your healthy extra B.

Try out our baked KFC chicken recipe here.

Slimming World Cloud Bread

If you haven't heard of the popular recipe Slimming World cloud bread, you are seriously missing out, this cloud bread is syn-free, allowing you to have a complete guilt-free sandwich without even having to use your healthy extra B.

The cloud bread is made with ingredients such as quark to keep it syn free, we've linked the recipe here for you.

Bacon & Mushroom Quiche

If you are looking for some easy lunches to take to work that you can make in advance, you might be interested in a Slimming World version of bacon & mushroom quiche.

This quiche recipe serves six people and uses milk instead of heavy cream and filo sheets to keep it light in calories. To keep syns low, make sure to use bacon medallions with the fat removed and reduced fat cheese as your healthy extra A allowance of cheese.

SW Speed Soup

If you've been doing the Slimming World plan for a while you might have heard about speed veggies and how good they are for you. Speed foods are a group of foods which are naturally low in calories and high in nutrition, allowing you to eat a lot of them without gaining weight, so why not make a soup out of them?

To make this speed soup more hearty, you can put some quinoa in it and squash as well as any other speed veggies you want, recipe details are here.

SW Speed Soup

SW Chicken Fajita Pasta

If you love fajitas, then you will love this syn-free chicken fajita pasta, using lots of veggies and spices to make this Mexican dish, plus the addition of cheese as your healthy extra A if you have some room in your allowance.

Try this dish here.

Red Cabbage

Red cabbage makes a great addition to a roast and is especially popular during the festive season. Thanks to its simple ingredients, you can make red cabbage syn free, all you need is some apple, sweetener, vinegar, onion and red cabbage.

Dump all the ingredients in a slow cooker and enjoy, try the recipe here.

Beef Chilli

Need a cosy hearty meal that you can make in bulk and have for lunch during the week? Beef chilli is always a family winner and is best of all syn free thanks to it being made with Slimming World free foods.

This recipe is made with 5% less fat beef mince to keep it syn-free and paired with rice to make it a more filling meal.

Hunters Chicken

Hunters chicken is a great chicken dinner that can be made Slimming World friendly by using bacon with no fat and mozzarella as your healthy extra A, wrap the chicken breasts up and bake in the oven for around 30 minutes.

Make your own coleslaw too by using light creme fraiche and cut-up veggies. We explain this recipe in further detail here.

Chorizo & Halloumi Salad

If you are looking to make a fancy Slimming World starter for your evening meals or a complimentary side, this chorizo and halloumi salad could be a perfect choice.

We suggest removing the olive oil to help keep syns low and using the halloumi cheese as your healthy extra A for protein. Wholemeal breadcrumbs can be added in as your healthy extra B. We've shown you how to make it here.

Slimming World Filo Mince Pies

With the festive season coming up, you might be craving some mince pies, however, regular mince pies can be very high in fat and sugar if you are not careful, making them an indulgent treat.

To save syns, you can make your own filo mince pies at home with lighter pastry.

In order to make the pies a sweet treat, these filo mince pies use apple juice and icing sugar in the pastry, we've helped you out with the method here.

Slimming World OXO Roast Potatoes

Roast potatoes are essential for any roast dinner but unfortunately aren't syn-free due to them being cooked in oil.

To save syns we suggest following our SW OXO roast potatoes brilliant recipe here, which uses chicken stock and low cal cooking spray to make the skin crispy.

Tips For Cooking On The Slimming World Plan

If you are just getting into the Slimming World plan and you are trying to keep your food syn-free or low in syns when cooking, we've got some great tips for cooking on the SW plan below.

  • Use low cal cooking spray - Try opting for low-calorie cooking spray instead of pouring regular olive oil which can add lots of unnecessary calories to your food.
  •  Bulk with veggies - Most veggies are free foods on the Slimming World plan and can help bulk up your meals without adding any extra syns.
  •  Do reduced fat - Reduced fat milk, cheese and other foods like bacon can help lower the syn in your meals.
  •  Make use of your healthy extras - Your healthy extra A can account for cheese and milk in meals while your healthy extra B can be used for wholemeal bread thanks to its high fibre content.
  •  Cook in bulk - Make your Slimming World meals in bulk so you can be prepared for the next day and avoid grabbing non-syn-friendly food when you are in a rush.
Tips For Cooking On The Slimming World Plan

Last Words

Overall, there are lots of Slimming World recipes on the internet you can use as your alternatives to regular traditional meals, always try swapping ingredients for free foods when possible and try to make use of your healthy extras to keep syns low in meals.

Jennifer is a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach with a Master's in Nutrition from Cambridge. With over 10 years experience, she shares healthy recipes and science-backed slimming tips on SheCooksSheEats to help people reach their wellness goals. Jennifer stays up-to-date by regularly attending conferences and continuing her nutrition education. She aims to provide research-backed advice to inspire balanced, happy living.
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