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Calculating your syns on the slimming world diet plan can be overwhelming for weight losses, many people suggest that 20 calories mean 1 syn, however, this does not take into account the sugar/fats which are in food too, making a slimming world syns calculator useful and more accurate.

As figuring out your slimming world syns can be a little confusing depending on your goals, we've put together some common questions and answers below to help you see how many slimming world syns you can have each day.

How To Use Our Syns Calculator To Work Out Your Syn Allowance?

You just input the calories and it gives you the syn value for it 🙂

How Many SYNS Can I Have A Day, For My Weight? Work Out your Syn Value Online!

Syns for weight

Your slimming world syn allowance is not calculated to your specific weight but is more tailored to how much weight you have to lose.

For example, on average, the slimming world diet suggests that for weight loss success, you can have an average of 15 syns a day, but for people who have more weight to lose, you might start with 15 then cut back to 10 syns or 5 syns a day to accelerate weight loss.

Many people tend to start on a high allowance of SYNS per day on the diet to ease themselves into the cut of calories, then reduce it slowly during their weight loss journey.

How Many SYNS Can a Woman Have?

syns for woman

A woman is said to be allowed to have 15 syns a day on the slimming world diet, but for better weight loss success, 10 is recommended. This is because a woman has a lower recommended daily calorie intake than men, thus less per cent of their diet should be made up of syns for better weight loss.

How Many SYNS Can a Man Have?

syns for men

Men can comfortably have 15 syns on the slimming world diet thanks to their higher calorie intake mark daily, this allows them to eat a little more than women yet still see weight loss results. 

However, according to how much weight to lose and your starting weight, this could be less or more.

Do You Have To Eat All You Slimming World Syns In One Day?

Eat all in one day

There is a wide misconception that because you have a certain syn allowance per day, this means you have to eat them all. While it is recommended that you should try and eat your syns so as you don't feel deprived, this is not a must, and if your not hungry or don't fancy food, you should not force yourself to eat your syns just because you feel like you have to.

There is some necessary nutrition you should add in however such as healthy extra b's for fibre.

Can I Carry My Slimming World Syns Over?

If you have some syns left over from previous days you can carry them over to other days and spread them out during the week to make up for it, this is great if you have been saving up for special weekend meals or drinks. 

Carry my slimming world syns

However, it is not suggested to save all your syns up for one whole day, as this can encourage a deprivation cycle during the week and a splurge on the weekend which is not great for your metabolism and relationship with food, instead try and spread them out during the week and save up only once a while.

What Are Some Syn Free Slimming World Foods? 

 syn free Slimming world foods

There is a huge amount of slimming world free foods you can eat if you have met your allowance for the day on your slimming world diet. Lean meats, seafood, tinned veg, fresh fruit/veg and even pasta and rice are syn free in moderation. 

To see what you can add to your diet that's syn free, we have made a syn-free list of food here.

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