Slimming World Yorkshire Puddings! Our Top 7 Recipes With 1 or Low Syns

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28 March, 2023

Our List Of The Best Low Syn Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Yorkshire puddings are an essential part of a roast dinner, but traditional Yorkshire puddings can be a source of high syns if you are not careful and make your roast dinner unhealthy. 

Our List Of The Best Low Syn Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

To help you stay on track with your syns and enjoy your Yorkshire puddings without the guilt, we've made a list of our top Yorkshire puddings recipes below which are Slimming World friendly and low in syns. 

How Many Syns Do Regular Yorkshire Puddings Have? 

To start with, let's discuss the syns in regular Yorkshire puddings to see just how unhealthy these puddings can be on the Slimming World plan. 

Syns can vary in Yorkshires due to size, however, for the average-sized Yorkshire pudding, you are looking at using around 5 syns per pudding making them high in syns! 

You could have up to three average-sized Yorkshires before using all your 15 syn daily allowance on the plan.

How Do I Make Yorkshire Puddings Slimming World Friendly? 

Most of the time, the syns in Yorkshire puddings come from ingredients such as egg, butter, milk and flour. 

You can make these Yorkshires healthier however by having control over the fat content and oil content. Swaps could be using low-calorie cooking spray instead of regular oil and semi-skimmed milk instead of full fat milk which adds to the syns.

Our Top 7 Slimming World Yorkshire Pudding Recipes 

To help you make the best low syn Yorkshires for your roast, we've listed some of the best SW-friendly recipes for Yorkshire puddings to try out below. 

Slimming World Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

This Slimming World original Yorkshire pudding recipe has only 2 syns, the recipe is simple to make and contains flour, eggs, semi-skimmed milk and low calorie cooking spray. 

We've linked the recipe here.

Fat Girl Skinny Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

If you're looking for a low syn Yorkshire pudding recipe, this recipe by Fat Girl Skinny has just 1 syn per Yorkshire. The syns in this recipe are low thanks to using whole milk as your healthy extra A and less flour than traditional recipes. 

Try making these Yorkshires here.

Our Top 7 Slimming World Yorkshire Pudding Recipes 

Slimming Eats Yorkshire Pudding Recipe 

This Slimming Eats Yorkshire pudding recipe (linked here) has just one syn per Yorkshire pudding and makes up to tend delicious puddings, meaning you have syns left to have the pudding with gravy and other extras. 

The recipe uses plain flour, two eggs and milk as your healthy extra A for the pudding batter. Make sure to grease your tray well with low-calorie spray oil for cooking so that the Yorkshires do not stick to the pan and break apart.

Pinch Of Nom Lighter Yorkshire Puddings 

To avoid a flat, stodgy, pancake-like pudding, this lighter Pinch Of Nom recipe uses less flour than a regular Yorkshire pudding but keeps most of the other ingredients the same. 

This recipe makes up to four Yorkshires, and the recipe is here.

SYN FREE Yorkshire Puddings From All Skinny Recipes

For a syn-free Yorkshire pudding, this recipe from all skinny recipes (linked here), uses 40g of oats as its flour, skimmed milk and two eggs.

The oats are used as healthy extra B and the milk as healthy extra A, making it syn free. Its ingredients make around ten Yorkshire puddings in a muffin tray or one large one in a cake pan. 

When using oats as flour in these recipes make sure to blend it first then add in the other ingredients to avoid the pudding mix becoming lumpy.

Tastefully Vikki Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

The Tastefully Vikki Yorkshire pudding recipe is different to our other recipes listed above since the pudding recipe uses oats instead of plain flour to bind the pudding mix together. 

All you will need is some eggs and skimmed milk to make the mix and the recipe is syn free since you can use the oats as your healthy extra B and milk as your healthy extra A. 

Our Favourite SYN FREE SW Yorkshire Pudding Recipe 

If you are looking to make low syn Yorkshire puddings for a healthy roast chicken dinner, our favourite recipe below uses traditional ingredients such as milk, flour and eggs and has 2 syns a pudding. 


  • 80ml of skimmed milk. 
  • Three eggs. 
  • 65g of plain flour. 
  • Low cal cooking spray. 
  • Seasoning. 


  1. Start by mixing the ingredients together in a jug or bowl and then a few spoons of water to help loosen it up. Heat your oven to gas mark 7. 
  2. Whisk, season and allow the mix to rest for around 10 minutes in the fridge so the batter can start to thicken up for baking. 
  3. Next, spray your muffin tray with low-calorie cooking spray. Pop in the oven to heat up then pour the batter into the muffin holes, try to pour as evenly as you can. 
  4. Cook for 25 minutes, allow the Yorkshires to cool for around 15 minutes then serve alongside your roast and enjoy!
Our Favourite SYN FREE SW Yorkshire Pudding Recipe 

Final Words 

To conclude, Yorkshire puddings can often be high in syns, not because of the ingredients, but mainly due to the oil they are cooked in, the combination of milk which is full fat can also raise calories. 

We suggest making your Yorkshires at home with basic ingredients like milk as your healthy extra A (find our healthy extra A list here) and the recipes above so as you can save syns or try hacks such as turning oats into flour.

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