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How Many Syns In A Kit Kat? & Other Low Syn Choc-Wafer Treats!
Published: 22 January, 2022 
March 7, 2022 by Stephanie

Are Kit Kat's High In Syns On The Slimming World Diet?

Kit kat's are a nations favourite to snack on, but since these chocolate bars are not syn free you need to ensure that you track their syn values according to their calories to not gain weight.

These Kit Kat's chocolate bars have 5 syns per bar making them a high syn treat, but fine to eat on the slimming world plan within moderation when you crave chocolate.

To find out more about how many Kit Kat's you can eat on the slimming world plan, some syn values of the Nestle chocolate bar range and some low syn chocolate wafer alternatives we've put all the information you need to know in a small guide below.

How Many Kit Kat's Can I Eat On Slimming World?

Kit Kat's are fine to indulge in now and again on the slimming world plan but at 5 syns a bar, you could only have up to three bars a day before reaching your daily 15 syn a day allowance.

Kit Kat's in comparison to other chocolate bars are quite low in syns however due to them having a light wafer in, this makes them bigger in volume and more of a biscuit, reducing their calories slightly.

Still, at 10g of sugar for just one bar you need to make sure you are eating these chocolates in moderation, we would not suggest eating more than one bar per day. We would also suggest checking whether they are standard Kit Kat's or Kit Kat chunky as the latter is higher in syns due to their bigger size with some having up to 9 syns.

Nestle & Kit Kat Popular Chocolate Bar Syn Values

Nestle have a huge range of flavoured Kit Kats now as well as other chocolate bars from their range, so to keep you on track, we've listed the rest of their syn values down below.

Kit Kat's

  • Nestle Kit Kat Chunky White Chocolate Bars 4 X 40G - 11 syns per bar.
  • Kit Kat 2 Finger Dark Chocolate Biscuits 9 Pack 186.3G - 5 syns.
  • Kit Kat 2 Finger Orange Chocolate Biscuit 9 Pack 186.3G - 5 syns.
  • Kit Kat 2 Finger Dark Mint Biscuits 9 Pack 186.3G - 5 syns.
  • Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter 4 Pack 134G - 9 syns.
  • Kit Kat 2 Fingers Wafer Milk Chocolate Honeycomb 9X20.7G - 5 syns.
  • Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel Popcorn 4X34g - 9 syns.
  • Kit Kat Zebra Dark & White Chocolate 3 X 41.5G - 11 syns.


  • Nestle Aero Bliss Mint Chocolate Sharing Box 176G - 7 syns for 3 pieces.
  • Nestle Smarties Buttons Milk Chocolate 90G - 4 syns for 6.
  • Toffee Crisp Milk Chocolate Bar Multipack 4x38g - 10 syns.
  • Yorkie Milk Chocolate Bars - 12.5 syns.

Low Syn Chocolate Wafer Bar Alternatives

If you are a lover of wafer bars but find Kit Kat's too high in syns or you are looking for a change there are plenty of other low syn alternatives to add to your shopping basket!

We've listed some below to get you started.

  • Kinder Bueno Chocolate Wafer Bars 10 X 43G - 6 syns.
  • Ms Molly's 8 Chewy Caramel Wafer Biscuits 224G - 7 syns.
  • Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafer 240G - 7 syns.
  • Cadbury Timeout Wafer Biscuits 6 X 20.2G - 5.5 syns.
  • Blue Riband Original 8X18g - 4.5 syns.
  • Nutella B-Ready Chocolate Wafers 15 X 22G - 6 syns.
  • Belmont Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars 9 Pack - 5 syns.
  • Belmont Choco Break 8 Pack 172g - 6 syns.
  • Sainsbury's chocolate wafers 9x19.2g - 5 syns.

Final Words

To conclude, at 5 syns a bar, Kit Kat's are high in syns, so should be eaten only when you have enough room within your syn allowance, especially chunky kit kats which have up to 9 syns a bar. They are also high in sugar, so we would suggest snacking on them within moderation or checking out some of our lower syn alternatives below.

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