Our Slimming World Healthy Extra B 2024 List

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29 December, 2022

The Ultimate Slimming World Healthy Extra B List

Understanding how to use your healthy extras on the slimming world plan is important if you want to get the most out of the slimming world diet and feel satisfied with the plan. 

The Ultimate Slimming World Healthy Extra B List

Slimming world healthy extras b in particular refers to the fibre allowance you have on the plan which you don't have to syn, this is particularly important if you want to feel full during the day. 

We've made a short guide for you below which will discuss in more detail what a slimming world healthy extra B is, which foods count as your healthy extra B and how to use the healthy extra B's in your slimming world plan. 

What Is The Slimming World Healthy Extra B? 

The slimming world healthy extra B is your fibre allowance on the slimming world plan, the healthy B allowance allows you to consume foods such as wholemeal bread without synning them. 

The idea behind having this fibre allowance on the SW plan is that it keeps you full in between meals and helps promote healthy digestion as part of your weight loss.

Do I Have To Have The Healthy Extra B On Slimming World?

Using the healthy extra options in the slimming world is entirely optional, you do not have to have healthy extra B foods if you do not like them and you can get your fibre intake in other ways. 

If you are wondering how much healthy extra B foods to have on the plan, each high-fibre food will have a different amount in the allowance depending on what it is.

What's The Difference Between The Healthy Extra B & A?

If you're new to the slimming world, you might have also heard of the healthy extra A as well as the healthy extra B.

The healthy extra refers to your dairy allowance, allowing you to have foods such as cheese or milk up to a certain allowance on the plan.

Which Foods Count As My Healthy Extra B? 

The great thing about the healthy extra B portion on the slimming world plan is that you can use these foods and bring the allowance into recipes to free up syns or use them as part of meals, for example, cereal for breakfast.

Which Foods Count As My Healthy Extra B? 

We've listed the variety of foods you can use as your healthy extra B below.



  • 250g of apples.
  • 200g of strawberries.
  • 500g of rhubarb.
  • 250g of raspberries or blackberries.


  • Twenty almonds. 
  • 25 Hazelnuts. 
  • Two spoons of chia seeds or similar flax seeds. 
  • 20g of pine nuts.

Cereal 40g

  • Oats.
  • Shredded wheat.
  • Puffed wheat.
  • Alpen no added sugar.
  • Fruit and fibre cereal.
  • All-bran.
  • Shreddies.
  • Grape nuts.

Cereal 50g

  • Aldi fruit wheat.
  • Oat bran.
  • Bran flakes.
  • Jordans natural museli.

Cereal Bars

  • Two slimming world Hi-Fi.
  • Two Aldi benefit bars.
  • Two Alpen light cereal bars.
  • One fibre one bar.


  • BFree Quinoa and chia seed wraps, wheat and gluten-free 6 pack.
  • WW White wraps 6 pack.
  • BFree Multigrain wraps, wheat and gluten-free 4 or 6 pack  
  • WW Wholemeal wraps 6 pack.


How To Integrate Healthy Extra B Into Your Plan 

If you're looking for ways to integrate more healthy extra B foods into your diet, we've listed some tips for doing so below. 

  • Cereak with fruits for brekky. 
  • Wholemeal bread sandwich. 
  • Bread roll with soup. 
  • Toasted sandwich for dinner.
  • Make croutons out of wholemeal bread.
  • Ryvita crackers and light cream cheese as a snack.
How To Integrate Healthy Extra B Into Your Plan 

Last Words

Overall, using the healthy extra B on the slimming world plan allows you to free up your syn allowance and eat high-fibre foods which are excellent for digestion and keeping you full in between meals. 

To stay on track with your allowance, always measure out your healthy extra B allowance and make sure to syn foods which are not classed as free foods if you go over your allowance.

If you're in the mood for a good quiche, be sure to have a look at our curated list of Slimming World Quiche Recipes!

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