How Many Syns Per Day Are You Allowed? Find Out Here!

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1 December, 2022

How Many Syns Per Day Are You Allowed On Slimming World? - Our Guide!

If you've just joined the slimming world, you might be wondering about syns and how many you can have each day on the plan in order to keep losing weight.

Most people will be given an allowance of 15 syns daily on the slimming world to help with weight loss, but your syns allowed can change according to your gender, weight loss goals and starting weight, for example, if you are heavier then you might get a larger syn allowance.

How Many Syns Are You Allowed Per Day?

We've put together an informational guide with everything you need to know about your syn allowance for a successful weight loss, covering why syn allowances change, how to work out syns in food, what happens if you go over your syn allowance or under and if you can save your syns.

If you want a very quick way to work out the syns, check out our web page app to calculate Slimming World Syns given the calories!

Why Do Syn Allowances Change?

As we briefly mentioned above, your syn allowance can vary according to different factors such as your weight loss goal, starting weight and gender.

We've listed these factors in more detail below.

  • Gender - On average a man requires more calories than a woman to live, this is why they get more syns, for example, a 16 stone man might get 25 syns a day while a 16 stone woman will get 20 syns a day.
  • Starting weight - If you're under 16 stone you will typically be given a 15 syn daily allowance, but as your weight is higher so is your syn allowance, over 16 stone 20 syns daily, over 20 stone it could even be up to 30 syns a day.
  • Weight loss goals - The smaller your syn allowance then the quicker your weight loss, for those who want to shed pounds faster your syn allowance might be adjusted accordingly.

How Do I Workout Syns In Food?

To work out the syns in slimming world food, you will often be given a search tool once you join the plan which allows you to search the slimming world food database and the syns, but for those who are not on the official plan, simply go by the rule of 1 syn to 20 calories, this can also be worked out with a slimming world calculator.

For example, a chocolate milkshake might have 350 calories, this would be divided by 20 and worked out to be 17.5 syns.

How Many Syns Are You Allowed Per Day?

What Happens If Go Over My Syn Allowance?

Going over your syn allowance now and then by one or two is not a big deal and there is a small chance of it affecting your weight loss as long as you are sticking to the plan 90% of the time. Try not to make a habit of this, however, as going over your syns repeatedly can affect the speed of your weight loss results on the plan.

Do I Lose More Weight If I Don't Use My Syns?

Some slimming worlders assume they might get faster weight loss if they don't use their syns, and it is true you don't have to force yourself to use your slimming world syns if you don't want to, however, the slimming world includes syns so as you can have a more balanced diet while losing weight without having to feel too restricted.

Using your syns for a treat now and then promotes a more sustainable weight loss, including all types of food in the future.

Can I Save My Syns?

If you don't use all your 15 syns a day in your allowance, you might be wondering if you can save them and pass them over to another day. Saving your syns is okay to do on the SW plan and can work out great if you are planning to have a high syn meal or outing another day.

We would not recommend saving all of your syn allowances for one or two days however since this could lead to a binge and restrict cycle in the long term.

Final Words

To conclude, you are allowed on average 15 syns on the slimming world plan, but this can vary if you have a higher starting weight of over 16 stone, if you want to lose weight quickly or if you are a different gender due to the difference in calorie intakes for weight loss.

How Many Syns Are You Allowed Per Day?

Don't panic if you go above your syns, this will not affect your weight loss as long as you get back on track for the rest of the week, if you don't use all of your syns allowance then you can pass them over for a treat the next day.

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