Can I Save My Syns For The Weekend? Or Do I Have To Get Through Gradually?

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27 May, 2022

Our Guide To Saving Your Slimming Syns For The Weekend - Should You Do It?

Everyone who signs up for the slimming world plan will get a syn allowance of about 15 syns a day, although this can vary slightly according to your gender and starting weight, but can you save these syns for a big treat on the weekend rather than use them daily?

Can I Save My Syns For The Weekend?

Although not recommended, you can save your syns for the weekend rather than use them daily, the weight loss should still work out the same as long as you stick to your syns accordingly. 

Down below in our guide we will discuss how the slimming world works including their syns, why it's not a good idea to save your syns for the weekend and how to calculate and save syns accordingly.

How Does Slimming World Work?

Before we can understand whether or not you can save your syns up for a weekend splurge, let's first get a basic understanding of how the plan works for those SW newbies.

Slimming world is a diet designed for food optimisation, it doesn't cut out any specific food groups like other diet plans, including free foods, healthy extras and your syns!

We'll take a look at each part in better detail below.

  • Free foods - These foods are known as free on the plan, allowing you to eat as much of them as you want without tracking, you typically find any foods like eggs, lean meats, fat-free dairy products, fruit, veg and rice are all syn free, but double-check to make sure.
  • Healthy extras - This consists of your healthy extra A which is your protein and calcium source as well as your healthy extra B which is your fibre source, both allowances allow you to enjoy a certain food up to weight, after that they will need to be synned.
  • Syns - These are your naughty foods, you can have between 5-15 syns normally depending on your goals of these foods, when signed up for SW you will get a food search tool to find the syns quickly.

How Many Syns Do I Get On Slimming World?

On average, you will get 15 syns for use in the slimming world, men can get more since they need more calories for energy than women per day. It also depends on your starting weight, for example, if you are a woman who weighs over 16 stone you might get assigned 20 syns at the beginning to help with more balanced weight loss.

Can I Save My Syns For The Weekend?

If I Go Over My Syns On Slimming World Will I Gain Weight?

Many people get worried if they go over their syns on the SW plan, which is why often a lot of people want to save them up for big nights out, rather than stick to a 15 syn daily allowance.

Realistically, going over your syns once or twice by a few should not impact your weight loss as long as you are sticking to your syns well on other days. However, if your go over your syns regularly then you might not see the weight loss results you want.

Why You Shouldn't Save Your Syns On Slimming World

Since syns are technically calories, by saving them for the weekend, you can still lose weight as long as you stick to your allowance. Many slimming world advisors do not recommend you do this however because it can encourage a binge and restrict cycle.

This means you overeat in a short period on the weekends without any balance during the week which can leave you feeling deprived, it's also a shock to the body on the weekends.

How To Calculate & Save Syns On The SW Plan

To workout your syns in a certain food or drink, you can use the basic calculation of one syn to 20 calories, so if a food has 100 calories, you will know that it has 5 syns in total.

You can use this to save syns if you know you'll have a takeaway on the weekend by looking at the menu in advance, checking the calories, working out the syns then saving them during the week. For example, if you want a burger from KFC which has 400 calories on the weekend, make sure to save 4 syns each day during the week.

To make this easier, we recommend using the SW food calculator or a syn calculator online.

Can I Save My Syns For The Weekend?

Last Words

Overall, saving your syns for a weekend treat can still lead to weight loss, but, it can encourage a binge and restrict cycle which leaves you feeling more deprived during the week with no syns to use. An average syn works out 20 calories to one, so if you're wanting to have a naughty meal at the weekend, work out at the calories and save syns accordingly to avoid it affecting your weight loss.

Jennifer is a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach with a Master's in Nutrition from Cambridge. With over 10 years experience, she shares healthy recipes and science-backed slimming tips on SheCooksSheEats to help people reach their wellness goals. Jennifer stays up-to-date by regularly attending conferences and continuing her nutrition education. She aims to provide research-backed advice to inspire balanced, happy living.
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