Can You Still Lose Weight If You Go Over Your Syns?

Updated on 
5 October, 2021

Does Going Over Your Syn Allowance On Slimming World Affect Weight Loss?

If you are a newbie to the slimming world diet plan and you are following your daily syn allowance only to go over by a few syns on a bad week, you might be wondering if these extra syns will affect your weight loss.

As long as it was a one-off, your extra syns should not affect your weight loss, just try to get back on track with the next days, do not restrict yourself to make up for the extra syns. However, if you are going over your syns every day, then this will affect your weight loss results and you might not see the results from the diet. 

In our article below, we will cover why a syn allowance is needed to lose weight on a slimming world diet, whether or not you can save your syns, why you might not be losing weight on the slimming world diet and some tips for staying on track with your diet. 

Why You Need To Stick To Your Syns

The slimming world diet works with syns as it allows its slimmers to have treats every day, the purpose of these syns allows you to feel like you can eat what you want and not feel too deprived on the diet while still seeing weight loss results. 

In the long run, you are much more likely to stick to the SW diet if you use your syn allowance as it doesn't feel like a diet!

However, it is super important to stick to your syn allowance which changes according to your weight and gender, this is because the amount of syns you eat equals extra calories which are accounted for on your diet if you go over these syns it could lead to weight gain. 

It is also just as important to make sure you eat your syn allowance as well as stick to the amount given, (yes we are encouraging you to eat that chocolate bar) because it provides extra fat needed for your health.

If you go over your syns often on some individual weeks then you will most likely not see the weight loss results that you want.

Can You Save Your Syns On Slimming World?

For people who keep going over their syns on SW, you might be wondering if you could just save them all for a treat night, while some people do rollover their syns we wouldn't recommend doing so as it can encourage a binge and restrict cycle. 

It is much healthier to have you're syns daily rather than splurge on them all in one day.

Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight On Slimming World 

If you think that going over your syns might be the reason as to why you are not losing weight on the slimming world diet, we've listed some other common reasons too down below to see why you might not be achieving the results you want.

Your Not Eating Your Syns

For most people on the slimming world diet you need 15 syns a day, you do not have to eat them all, but you should at least be having a few treats per day.

This is because even though syns can be bad, they are essential for your body and mind, one because your body does need fat and sugar to not have a binge and second so as you do not feel restricted when doing the diet.

Forgetting The Speed Food 

Free food on the slimming world diet is designed to always be had with 1/3 of your plate being made up of speed food, speed food on the SW diet is made up of high-density low calorie filling veg and is important for you to be able to see results with your diet. 

Your Not Tracking Your Food 

Having accidental treats and snacks here and there like some choc syrup on your pancakes during the day can affect your weight loss and lead you to go over your syn allowance without you knowing.

If this sounds like you then keeping a food diary with everything you eat during the day might be a great way to keep you on track and stop you from reaching for an untracked syn sweet.

Weight Loss Plateau 

It happens to all of us, the first few months of your diet might feel like the weight is flying off but eventually, you might run into a sticking point where the weight will not budget, no matter how strict you are on your SW diet. 

To fix a plateau you can try doing some SW days on your diet or changing up your exercise like going on an extra evening walk each day.

Your Not Being Honest 

Don't hate us, we aren't calling you a liar, but that drop of milk in your tea does need to be tracked on the SW diet (and so does the choc buttons), all these little things can amount to you not losing weight. Be honest with yourself and what your eating throughout the day, make healthier choices and always track what you are consuming.

Tips For Staying On Track With The SW Diet & Syns

Now we know why you might not be losing weight on the SW diet, we have put together a few of our best tips below for keeping motivated and staying on track with your syns for this diet. 

  • Write down what you eat - Writing down what you eat is very important, SW users who do this are less likely to overeat their syn allowance and see better weight loss results.
  • Eat more speed foods - Pile up on speed foods, they do help with your weight loss and should not be underestimated.
  • Drink more water - Staying hydrated stops your brain from mistaking thirst for hunger and eliminates mindless snacking.
  • Count your syns properly - Use an app or write down you're syns each day to make sure you are sticking with the 5-15 syn allowance.
  • Try out some new recipes - You might be getting bored with the food you eat, one way to fix this is by trying a whole new load of SW recipes this will keep you engaged with the diet and stay on track. 

Final Words

Overall, if you continuously go over your syns on the slimming world diet then you will not see the expected weight loss results you want, this is because SW is designed with a certain number of syns each day to keep you on track.

One day of going over your syns will not hurt, but do not be tempted to restrict your other daily allowance of syns, this can lead to a binge/restrict cycle.

Jennifer is a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach with a Master's in Nutrition from Cambridge. With over 10 years experience, she shares healthy recipes and science-backed slimming tips on SheCooksSheEats to help people reach their wellness goals. Jennifer stays up-to-date by regularly attending conferences and continuing her nutrition education. She aims to provide research-backed advice to inspire balanced, happy living.
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