How Many Slimming World SYNS Can a Man Have Vs A Woman?

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23 November, 2022

Can a Man Eat More Syns Than a Woman On Slimming World?

Can a Man Eat More Syns

When starting the slimming world plan, you might notice that the syn allowance on the diet changes for men and women. 

Women are allowed on average (depending on their weight) 15 syns a day, while men are allowed a larger syn allowance of 20 syns a day (once again depending on their weight. 

To find out why men get a larger allowance of food with syns and why women get less, as well as how syns are calculated and what they count for with weight loss tips, we have put together our best guide below that will give you all the info you need to know. 

Why Do Men Get More Syns Than Women?

Why Do Men Get More Syns Than Women?

Many people might argue it is not fair that men get more syns than women on the slimming world diet, and while this might feel true, it is all down to a science. Men are proven to need more calories to function even with weight loss goals, so will of course also have an extra syn allowance on the slimming world plan because they can eat more food.

By rule of thumb, men need 1800 calories for average weight loss success (very variable to weight) while women might be around the 1500 calories per day mark for weight loss depending on their weight goal and current starting weight. 

As we have touched on above, syns do not only change according to gender, but they also change according to each male or females weight. 

For example, men who weigh over 20 stone will get an allowance of up to 30 syns a day while women who weigh over 20 stone will get an online plan with a syn allowance of up to 20 syns per day.

This not to say a man has to eat all of his extra syns, as cutting back can be beneficial for weight loss efforts, so it is still safe for a man to stick around 15 syns if he wishes and limit his favourites foods. 

How Are Syns Calculated? 

How Are Syns Calculated?

You might be wondering how syns are calculated and made, to begin with, well, syns are made by judging food on its weight capacity and calorific value, so calorie-dense foods become high in syns such as oil. 

High protein food and lean-meats foods are preferred on the online plan of slimming world as they fill you up fast and have great calorie allowances. 

Syns allow you to enjoy your cravings from time to time in moderation without feeling restricted but are set by the slimming world so as it can still restrict calories for the basis behind weight loss goals.

We have a calculator which makes it convenient to enter the calories and it gives you the Slimming World syns.

What Calories Are In a Syn? 

Free foods on the slimming world plan are often lower-calorie foods types, for other foods on the slimming plan they have around 20 calories per syn, meaning one biscuit might have 80 calories which translates to 4 syns. 

Once again, this proves why men can eat more syns and weight loss goodies because they have a higher calorie allowance in the slimming world and can still lose weight.

Tips For Losing Weight With Slimming World (Men & Woman)

Tips For Losing Weight With Slimming

Sticking to your slimming world plan might be tougher for some people than others, no matter, if you are a man or a woman, reaching your weight loss target, can be a huge emotional journey. 

So to help you stick with your slimming world plan we have grouped a few of our top tips to inspire you on your slimming world journey. 

  • Have a food diary - One of our best tips for succeeding with the slimming world is keeping a food diary, having this tool lets you keep control of knowing what you are eating each day and can help you highlight patterns too.
  • Start an Instagram - Posting your slimming world results and popular recipes can help you stick to your slimming world plan as you have something to be accountable to, as you gain followers it can also be motivating.
  • Give up spreads - Spreads are syn food, due to the fact they are very high in calories and low in volume, cut back on spreads such as butter as you will notice a difference in weight, plus you might not notice a difference in taste in sandwiches at all!
  • Stick with lean meats food - Avoid very fatty foods and remove fat when you can, lean meats such as chicken are great to have in your diet.
  • Batch cook slimming world meals - For bad weeks where you have limited time, sticking to your weekly meal plan might prove harder than normal, so it is a great idea to pre-cook lots of recipes beforehand and throw them in your freezer.
  • Exercise - We don't all like it, but we all know it is very important and can seriously improve your weight loss results along with weekly meal plans. To introduce yourself to exercise slowly, you can start by trying to achieve 10k steps a day just walking.
  • Stay hydrated - Dehydration can trick your body into feeling hungry when in fact it is just thirsty, not to mention you will have more energy. Try to drink at least 3 litres of water per day when following the slimming world plan.
  • Have healthy snacks around - It's so important to ensure that your kitchen has lots of healthy snacks around so as you can not be tempted to grab a chocolate bar on the way to work, we will list a few later on.
  • Always eat breakfast! - Breakfast is very important for people who are looking to lose weight on the slimming world diet, it starts your day off well and ensures you don't get too hungry and look for quick unhealthy snacks in the morning to keep you going.
  • Get experimental - Following your slimming world plan should not be boring, try and get creative with recipes and cook new things, make your takeaways rather than ordering and get the family involved.
  • Try out some portion plates - Many people over-serve themselves portions when eating, and for people who are trying to lose weight, this can halt your progress, so rather than weighing each part of your meal every time, you can try out a portion plate which will help your serve yourself the right portion.
  • Join the slimming world community - Going through the slimming world alone can be overwhelming, so make use of the slimming world community and reach out to other members for support on your journey, these people can hold you accountable and motivate you on your weight loss journey.
  • Treat yourself well - There might be times you go to an event or eat out and don't track your food or keep to your slimming world plan, this is called life and you can't avoid it, so there is no point beating yourself up over a few days off your diet or even a week, this guilt mentality can be demotivating and cause you to quit your plan altogether.

Low Syn Snack Ideas For Slimming World

There is a huge list of low syn snacks on the web for the slimming world along with low syn recipe books and plenty of speed foods. 

To give you some low syn snacks ideas and syn-free snack ideas, we will list a few of our best ones below to get you started. 

Low Syn Snacks 

  • Snack A Jacks (jumbo pack) - 2-3 syns.
  •  Muller Light Yoghurts - 0.5 syns. 
  • Metcalfe's Skinny popcorn Sweet and salty 17g pack - 4 syns.
  • Hartleys Jelly Pots (no added sugar) 125g - 0.5 syns. 
  • Fibre One Bars - 4 syns each. 
  • Dark chocolate 25g- 7 syns.
  • Halo Top Ice Cream - 4 syns
  • Highlights hot chocolate 11g - 2 syns. 

Syn-Free Snacks 

  • Natural yoghurt. 
  • Frozen grapes. 
  • Savoury beg rice. 
  • Homemade jelly. 
  • Cottage cheese. 
  • Crab sticks. 
  • Hard-boiled eggs.

Final Words

To conclude, men do get more syns on the slimming world plan rather than women due to the fact they require a higher calories allowance because of science, this is not to say men have to eat all their extra syns if they don't want to. Planning your meals for the week in advance and following low syn recipe books from slimming world can help you stick with your journey and see results.

Jennifer is a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach with a Master's in Nutrition from Cambridge. With over 10 years experience, she shares healthy recipes and science-backed slimming tips on SheCooksSheEats to help people reach their wellness goals. Jennifer stays up-to-date by regularly attending conferences and continuing her nutrition education. She aims to provide research-backed advice to inspire balanced, happy living.
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