How Many Syns In Toblerone? Find Out Here!

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7 December, 2022

Does Toblerone Chocolate Have a lot of Syns?

Toblerone is a chocolate brand made in Bern, Switzerland.

Although Toblerone is world famous and easily recognisable just from shape and packaging alone, it’s still chocolate.

Chocolate bars are notoriously unhealthy, which can make the sweet temptation of them the death of many well progressing diets. Yet, just like any food really, chocolate is made by many different companies, with many different recipes, and therefore vary in calorie content.

How Many Syns In Toblerone?

This calorie content translates to different Syn values for anyone participating in the Slimming World system of diets. For Toblerone, this comes out to 6.5 syns per 25g serving. This is a lot, especially once you realise 25g is but a single triangle of the bar! That would make a single 400g bar, because let’s be real you won’t stop after one pyramid, 104 syns.

104 syns, if you’re on the 15 calorie allowance, is almost a full week worth of calories. Obviously, this can be a lot to take all at once from a dieting perspective. Even if you let your syns roll over, you’d need a totally syn free seven days just to enjoy a 400g bar of that sweet Swiss chocolate.

Where do the Syns Come From?

Chocolate is not known for being healthy and if it were, we would all be eating as often as we could. That sweet and smooth taste can be addicting, hence why we always find ourselves returning to it. It doesn’t matter our preferences, white or dark, fruit or nut, caramel or nougat, most chocolates fall into a heavy calorie range.

Cadbury’s Chocolates, with their Creamy White Chocolate, Dairy Milk, and Darkmilk Original all fall into the same syn count. 3.75 syns for just three chunks of chocolate. That’s less than 15 grams! Suddenly you’ll start to realise the problem, that it doesn’t matter how these popular chocolates are made, they’ll all be as problematic.

If white, dark, and milk chocolate differences are apparently negligible for calories, then it only gets worse with other additions. Things to fill out your chocolate bar, like caramel or nougat, pack on extra syns like you wouldn’t believe. Easily pushing you over that daily allowance, for just a few bites of a bar.

How Many Syns In Toblerone?

Other Toblerone Brands Chocs

Like many multinational businesses in the modern world, Toblerone has expanded her reach globally, and has expanded her product range with it. A variety of flavours for each fussy eater who only enjoys orange flavoured chocolate, or even to people seeking a nice freezer dessert for after dinner. The flavours available are truly incredible.

If the most iconic Toblerone is proving too much to take, then we don’t blame you. Nothing quite compares to that iconic shape, texture, and taste of a Toblerone triangle, so find alternatives can be a pain. So instead of looking too far from home, first let’s see what else Toblerone has to offer:

  • Toblerone White Chocolate – 27 syns per 100g serving
  • Toblerone Dark Chocolate – 27 syns per 100g serving
  • Toblerone Fruit and Nut Chocolate – 25 syns per 100g serving
  • Toblerone Orange Twist – 25.25 syns per 100g serving
  • Mini Toblerone Gift Sets – 26.5 syns per 100g serving
  • Toblerone Chocolate Cheesecake – 20 syns per 100g serving

You may be surprised to learn that 100g of chocolate cheesecake is less syns than an equivalent amount of chocolate bar, but it is in fact true. Although these servings are larger, they are all fairly comparable. Clearly the rich Swiss chocolatier tradition translates into a rich and calorie full chocolate recipe as well.

Low Syn Chocolate Alternatives

So perhaps Toblerone is unlikely to be your choice of a syn full treat late in the week, but that doesn’t mean you need to abstain from chocolate all together. If you don’t think you can manage to budget a Swiss pyramid into your allowance, then let’s try and find some alternatives:

How Many Syns In Toblerone?
  • Nestlé Kit Kat – 5 syns in two fingers
  • Cadbury Fudge – 5 syns in one fudge bar
  • Mars' Milky Way – 5 syns in one milky way bar
  • Mars' Bounty – 7 syns in one bounty bar
  • Nestlé Aero – 7 syns in one aero bar
  • Malteasers – 9 syns in one bag of malteasers
  • Maltesers Bunny or Reindeer – 7.75 syns per seasonal bunny or reindeer
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons – 8 syns per bag of chocolate buttons
  • Cadbury Flake – 8 syns per bar of flake
  • Cadbury Crunchie – 9 syns in one crunchie bar
  • Cadbury Time Out Wafer – 5.5 syns in one time our wafer bar
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