Desiccated Coconut on Slimming World: Syns and Alternatives

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5 September, 2023

Desiccated Coconut on Slimming World: Syns and Tips

Desiccated coconut is essential in baking some dishes, or topping porridge and cereals, but desiccated coconut is not syn-free on the slimming world plan, you, therefore, need to ensure your counting the syns in this food.

Can I Eat Desiccated Coconut On The Slimming World?

Desiccated coconut typically has 9 syns for a 25g serving, making it extremely high in syns on the plan, we, therefore, recommend having it in moderation.

We've put together a syn guide which will explain how much desiccated coconut you can have on the slimming world plan, some syn values of other coconut products and how to make some SW-friendly Weetabix cakes with desiccated coconut at home!

How Much Desiccated Coconut Can I Have On Slimming World?

At 9 syns for a 25g serving, you can have up to one and a half servings of desiccated coconut before using up all of your 15 syn daily allowance on the plan.

Many people are surprised to learn that desiccated coconut is so high in syns but this is because it is very high in saturated fat, for example, a 30g serving of Tesco's desiccated coconut has 18.6g of fat of which 16g is saturated.

You should always make sure your desiccated coconut is unsweetened too otherwise the sugar can add extra syns.

This is also why coconut milk can be very high in syns, always try to opt for lighter fat options when possible to avoid the syns (we have a syn list for light coconut milk here).

How Much Desiccated Coconut Can I Have On Slimming World?

Syn Values Of Common Coconut Products

A lot of coconut products can be very high in syns and fat if you are not careful, to help you stay on track with your syns, we've listed some general syn values of this product below.

  • Coconut Oil - 2 syns for 5g.
  •  Coconut Milk, Full Fat, Tinned - 4 syns for 50g.
  •  Coconut Milk, Reduced Fat, Tinned - 4 syns for 100g.
  •  Coconut Water, Fresh - 1.5 syns per glass.
  •  Alpro Coconut 1L - 0.5 syns for 40ml.
  •  Alpro Plain With Coconut Yoghurt Alternative 500g - 0.5 syns per dessert spoon.
  •  Tropical Sun Coconut Water Drink with Pieces 330ml - 2 syns for 100g.

Our SW Desiccated Coconut Weetabix Muffins Recipe

If you've got some desiccated coconut lying around at home but your not sure how to use it up, we've got a great slimming world recipe for you to try below, it only has 3.5 syns per serving.


  • Three Weetabix.
  •  Two pinches of baking powder.
  •  Two spoons of unsweetened desiccated coconut.
  •  Eight spoons of sweetener.
  •  Low cal spray.
  •  Pinch of cinnamon.
  •  175ml of fat-free Greek yoghurt.
  •  Drop of coconut extract.
  •  Icing sugar.
  •  Pineapple slices.


  1. Start by heating your oven to 180 degrees then add four greased muffin cases to a tray. Take a bowl, crush the Weetabix up then add in the spices, baking powder and your shredded coconut.
  2.  In another bowl whisk your eggs, yoghurt, sweetener and coconut extract.
  3.  Pour into your muffin cases and bake in the oven for 30 minutes, serve with your pineapple and icing sugar then enjoy!
Our SW Desiccated Coconut Weetabix Muffins Recipe

Last Words

Overall, desiccated coconut is very high in syns, having around 9 syns for just a small 25g serving, we, therefore, suggest using this food product in moderation and choosing the unsweetened version to avoid the extra sugar.

Although some coconut products like desiccated coconut and coconut milk can be high in syns, there are healthier options like coconut water which have a syn list for here.

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