How Many Syns In Icing Sugar? Find Out Here!

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9 July, 2022

Is Icing Sugar High In Syns? - Our Slimming World Guide

Whether you're baking a cake or dusting some cookies, it's important to make sure you are counting the syns in your icing sugar on the slimming world plan.

Is Icing Sugar High In Syns?

Icing sugar has 1 syn per teaspoon, making it very high in syns and should therefore be had within moderation on the slimming world plan.

We've composed a short guide below which will take you through how much icing sugar you can have in the slimming world as well as some other syn values of sugar and low syn alternatives.

How Much Icing Sugar Can I Have On The Slimming World?

At 1 syn for a teaspoon, you could have up to 15 teaspoons of icing sugar before using all your daily syn allowance or five tablespoons of icing sugar of around 15g each. Icing sugar is high in syns because it is just pure ground sugar, which is why it should be consumed in moderation.

General Sugar Syn Values

Sugar has varying syn values according to the type that you choose, we've listed some general syn values down below to help keep you on track.

  • Demerara Sugar - 1 syn a teaspoon.
  • White Sugar - 1 syn a teaspoon.
  • Light Brown Soft Cane Sugar - 1 syn.
  • Liquid Cane Sugar Syrup 700ml - 8.5 syns for 50ml.
General Sugar Syn Values

Is Sweetener A Good Alternative To Sugar?

Since sugar is very high in syns, you might be wondering about sweetener and if it's any better for you. Sweetener comes in many forms such as aspartame, used in Canderel, Saccharin, Sucralose, used in Splenda and acesulfame potassium, they are made out of a mixture of edible chemicals to get a sweet taste and is sweeter than sugar but without the calories.

Sweetener is a great alternative to sugar if you're trying to lose weight since it has fewer calories, but, we would not have sweeteners in excess due to the chemical makeup, plus it has been proven to make people crave sweeter foods, leading to weight gain.

Low Syn Alternatives To Icing Sugar

If you find icing sugar to be too high in syns, but still want a similar option for sweetening your baked goods, we've got some great low syn alternatives to icing sugar to check out down below.

  • Splenda Low Calorie Sweetener Granulated 125G - Syn free.
  • Tesco Low Calorie Aspartame-Based Sweetener 75G - Syn free.
  • Natvia All Natural Sweetener 300G - Syn free.
  • Tesco Granulated Sweetener Sucralose 75G - Syn free.
  • Truvia Sweetener From Stevia Leaf Extract 270G - Syn free.
  • Canderel Granular Sweetener 75G - Syn free.
  • Canderel Sugarly 275G - Syn free.
  • Total Sweet Sugar Alternative 225G - Syn free.
  • Pure Via 100% Erythritol Nature Sweet 250G - Syn free.
  • Pure Via Baker's Secret Soft Brown Sugar Alternative 300G - Syn free.
  • Silver Spoon Half Spoon Sugar 1Kg - 1 syn a teaspoon.
  • Canderel Bake Caster Sugar Alternative 370G - Syn free.
  • Canderel Bake! Icing Sugar Alternative 220G - Syn free.
Low Syn Alternatives To Icing Sugar

Last Words

Overall, icing sugar is very high in syns, having one syn per teaspoon, we would therefore suggest using it in moderation when baking or switching to a sweetener to help save calories and syns. Even with sweeteners we would suggest using them in moderation due to the fact they can make you crave sweeter foods.

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