How Many Syns In Coconut Water? Find Out Here!

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27 May, 2022

Is Coconut Water High In Syns On Slimming World?

Coconut water has become very popular in the health food world, being full of electrolytes and great for dehydration, but does it have syns on the slimming world plan?

Coconut water typically has 1 syn for 100ml or 2.5 syns for a cup, making it fairly low in syns when consumed in moderation. 

How Many Syns In Coconut Water?

We've put together a short guide below which will take you through how much coconut water you can have on the slimming world, syn values of coconut water as well as how it compares to coconut milk and some low syn alternatives.

How Much Coconut Water Can I Have On Slimming World?

At 2.5 syns for a cup, coconut water is a great low syn drink choice compared to other beverages such as soda and is full of health benefits. For example, coconut water (different values to dessicated coconut) is packed with bio-active enzymes that promote better metabolism and digestion helping with weight loss.

Still, we would be careful about measuring out your coconut water and avoiding drinking it excessively since syns can quickly add up, having three cups would take over half your syn allowance and six cups a day uses your whole daily syn allowance of 15 syns.

Syn Values Of Coconut Water

Most coconut water has a similar syn value but it can vary slightly according to the brand of the water, we've listed some syn values down below to help you compare.

  • Coconut Water Fresh - 1.5 syns.
  • Vita Coco The Original Coconut Water 1L - 1 syn for 100ml.
  • innocent Plus Bolt from the Blue Guava, Lime, Apple, Coconut Water & Blue Spirulina Juice 330ml - 2 syns.
  • Innocent Coconut Water 1L - 1 syn.
  • Aldi Coco Loco Coconut Water 1 litre - 1 syn.
  • Vita Coco Pressed Coconut Water 1L - 1.5 syn.
  • Naked Coconut Water 1L - 0.5 syns.
  • Lidl Naturis Coconut Water 1 litre - 1 syn.
  • M&S Super Smoothie Digestive Pineapple, Guava, Coconut Water & Lime 750ml - 4 syns.
  • Remedy Coconut Water Kefir with Passion Fruit Drink 250ml - 0.5 syns.
  • Asda 100% Pure Coconut Water 1 Litre - 1 syn.
  • Rebel Kitchen Raw Coconut Water 750ml - 1.5 syns.
  • M&S Pineapple, Mango & Coconut Water Juice 250ml - 2.5 syns.
How Many Syns In Coconut Water?

Coconut Water Vs Coconut Milk - Which Is Better For You?

Coconut water in comparison to coconut milk is the healthier option in terms of calories and syns, for example, 100ml of the average coconut milk tinned has 4 syns while coconut milk for drinking can have a similar amount of syns between 0.5-1 syn.

There's not much difference between supermarket coconut milk and water for drinking in terms of syns, but for fresh coconuts, coconut water is the lower syn choice.

Low Syn Alternatives To Coconut Water

There aren't many similar alternatives to coconut water on the market, but if you're looking for another low syn drink to stock up on we've listed some alternative fruit juices below to help you out.

  • San Pellegrino Organic Sparkling Lemon Tea 6 x 250ml - 2.5 syns.
  • San Benedetto Iced Tea Peach 1.5L - 3 syns.
  • M&S Squeezed Smooth Orange Juice - 3 syns per 150ml.
  • The Berry Co. White Tea, Peach & Moringa Juice - 2.5 syns.
  • ChariTea Black Iced Tea with Lemon - 2 syns.
  • Copella Apple & Elderflower Juice - 3 syns per 150ml.
  • Tesco Low-Calorie Indian Tonic Water - SYN FREE.
  • Tesco Indian Tonic Water - 2 syns per 250ml.
  • Schweppes Tonic Water - 2.5 syns per 250ml.
  • Coldpress Pink Lady Apple Juice Cold Pressed - 3 syns per 150ml.
  • M&S Apple, Raspberry & Rhubarb Juice - 3 syns per 150ml.
  • Fentimans Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water - 3.5 syns per 200ml. 
  • Pip Organic Fresh Orange Cold Pressed Juice - 3 syns per 150ml.

Last Words

Overall, coconut is a great low syn drink choice on the slimming world plan, having between 0.5 and 1 syn for 100ml, make sure to drink in moderation however since syns can easily add up after a couple of cups of this water.

How Many Syns In Coconut Water?

We recommend choosing fresh coconut water over fresh coconut milk since it's more syn friendly, for supermarket coconut milk and water both have a similar syn value.

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