How Many Syns In Tomato Puree? Find Out Here!

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27 May, 2022

Is Tomato Puree Syn Friendly On Slimming World? - Our Guide!

Tomato puree is essential for sauces and cooking in general, adding sweetness and flavour to tomato-based dishes, but is this flavouring syn friendly on the slimming world? 

Tomato puree is syn free on slimming world making it a great cupboard staple to have for thickening sauces and adding flavour to dishes, puree which has oil and other flavourings, however, might not be syn free.

How Many Syns In Tomato Puree?

We’ve put together a guide below which will discuss why tomato puree is syn free on slimming world, tomato puree syn values as well as some syn values of other tomato products to help with your cooking. 

Why Is Tomato Puree Syn Free On Slimming World? 

Tomato puree is syn free since most of the time it is just 100% pure tomato which is syn free on the slimming world plan, we would still suggest using puree in moderation however since it is very rich and high in sugar. 

The only downfall of tomato puree in terms of nutrition is that it doesn't have its fibre since the tomatoes are strained in order to get the puree.

Although most puree is syn free on slimming world, watch out for tomato puree which has added ingredients such as oil or garlic since this can often add hidden syns into your food.

Tomato Puree Syn Values 

Most tomato puree types are syn free on slimming world, but some with added oil, garlic or sundried tomatoes for example have syn values. 

We’ve listed some popular purees to help you out below. 

  • Tesco Italian Tomato Puree 200g - SYN FREE. 
  • Asda Tomato Puree Double Concentrate 200g - SYN FREE. 
  • Napolina Tomato Puree 142g - SYN FREE. 
  • Co Op Italian Tomato Puree 200g - SYN FREE. 
  • Tesco Italian Tomato Puree with Garlic 135g - 0.5 syns a tablespoon. 
  • Sainsbury's Italian Tomato Puree with Garlic 200g - 0.5 syns a tablespoon. 
  • Morrisons Eat Smart Garlic Tomato Puree Double Concentrated 135g - 0.5 syns a tablespoon. 
  • Calories in Morrisons Tomato Puree 142g - SYN FREE. 
  • Calories in Sainsbury's Sun-Dried Tomato Paste 90g - 0.5 syns. 
  • Calories in Belazu Balsamic Sun-Dried Tomato Paste 130g - 1 syn. 
  • Morrisons Sundried Tomato Paste 185g - 2.5 syns. 
  • Waitrose Cooks' Ingredients A Spoonful of Sundried Tomato Paste 180g - 6 syns for 30g. 
  • Epicure Sun-Dried Tomato Puree with Onion & Garlic 90g - 5.5 syns for half.
How Many Syns In Tomato Puree?

Syn Values Of Other Tomato Products 

Since tomato puree is syn free on slimming world you might be curious as to if other tomato products are syn free too for an extra boost in your sauces. 

We’ve listed some other syn values of tomato products to help you compare below. 

  • Napolina Chopped Tomatoes in a Rich Tomato Juice 400g - SYN FREE. 
  • Tesco Italian Chopped Tomatoes 400g - SYN FREE. 
  • Waitrose Chopped Italian Tomatoes with Olive Oil & Garlic 400g - 1.5 syns for 100g. 
  • Asda Passata Sieved Tomatoes 500g - SYN FREE.
  • Cook Italian Chopped Tomatoes Olive Oil Garlic 390g - 2 syns for 100g. 
  • Asda Chopped Tomatoes with Garlic in Tomato Juice 400g - 1 syn. 
  • Morrisons Chopped Tomatoes with Onion & Garlic 390g - 1 syn.
  • Tesco Italian Tomato Passata 500g - SYN FREE. 
  • Sainsbury's Italian Passata 500g - SYN FREE.
  • Tesco Italian Passata with Garlic & Herbs 500g - 1 syn. 
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup 570g - 0.5 syns. 
  • Sainsbury's Sardine & Tomato Paste 75g - 1 syn. 
  • Dawtona Tomato Paste 200g - Syn free.
  • Olive Branch Greek Mezze Sundried Tomato Paste with Fresh Basil 190g - 5.5 syns.

Final Words

Overall, tomato puree is syn free on the slimming world as long as it is 100% tomato puree without any added ingredients such as oil, sun-dried tomatoes or garlic, if added then you will have to syn the puree. 

How Many Syns In Tomato Puree?

We do recommend using puree in moderation since it can be high in sugar and sodium when concentrated and very rich. 

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