Are All JD Seasonings Syn Free?

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3 December, 2021
By Lisa

Are JD Seasonings Slimming World Friendly?

JD seasonings are very popular in the slimming world due to their great taste quality which can spice up bland dishes without adding syns and calories.

All of JD seasonings are indeed syn free, making them a great choice for enhancing the taste of your weeknight dinner.

Below is our short guide we will take you through which JD seasonings are syn free plus a low syns slimming world recipe using these spices for some cooking inspo.

Why Are JD Seasonings Syn Free?

All spices and rubs are mostly syn free on the slimming world plan, which makes JD seasonings syn free too and easy to cook with, the only seasonings which are not syn free are often ones used for marinating or sauces and can add a lot of syns with ingredients such as milk powder for example.

Seasonings are great to use on the slimming world plan as they can transform a bland dish without you having to add additional syns in the sauce.

JD Seasoning SYN FREE List

As we mentioned above, all of JD's seasonings are syn free, we've listed all their flavours below to add to your next shopping trip.

  • JD Season Spice Amatriciana – SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Balti - SYN FREE.
  • JD Taco Seasoning - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Blend Salt & Pepper Chips - SYN FREE.
  • JD Seasonings Spice Sausage Casserole - SYN FREE.
  • JD Seasoning Bolognese - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Medium Curry - SYN FREE.
  • JD Burger Blend - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Spice Cajun - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Chicken Rub - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Chilli Con Carne Spice - SYN FREE.
  • JD Seasonings Spice Chips & Wedges - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Spice Louisiana Creole - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Spice Cottage Pie - SYN FREE.
  • JD Seasonings Spice Doner Kebab - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Spice Fajita - SYN FREE.
  • JD Seasonings Spice Blend Hot Curry - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Jalfrezi Flavour - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Spice Jamaican Jerk - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Spice Lamb Rogan Josh - SYN FREE.
  • JD Seasonings Spice Blend Bombay Potatoes - SYN FREE.
  • JD Spice Mexican Rub - SYN FREE.
  • JD Season Spice Blend Mild Curry - SYN FREE.
  • JD Spice Piri Piri - SYN FREE.
  • JD Steak Rub - SYN FREE.
  • JD SpiceTikka Masala - SYN FREE.

JD Seasonings Slimming World Recipes

Since JD seasonings are syn free, they can be a great addition to syn free and low syn meals on the slimming world plan, we have listed syn free recipes for you to try out below with your JD seasonings.

SYN FREE Cajun Pasta

This cajun chicken pasta is syn free and easy to make for a quick and healthy mid-week meal, the whole dish serves 4 people.


  • Four chicken breasts.
  • Frylight cooking spray.
  • 500g pasta.
  • Peppers and onions.
  • Low fat cream cheese.
  • Garlic.
  • Cherry tomatoes.
  • JD Cajun seasoning.
  • 150ml of chicken stock.


  1. To begin with, spray all your chicken breasts with your frylight and half a pot of the JD cajun seasoning then bake in the oven at gas mark 6 for around 25 minutes or until baked through, in the meantime, you can cook your pasta in some boiling water too.
  2. Slice your onion and peppers then fry them off in a pan till they become translucent, add the pasta to the pan when cooked and your chickens stock, allow to simmer then throw in the rest of your cajun JD seasoning, a few garlic cloves diced and some cherry tomatoes for flavour.
  3. Add in your 300g of low-fat cream cheese, stir to combine then serve!

Final Words

Overall, JD seasonings are all syn free and are the perfect way to make a low syn meal taste even better without having to add any extra syns or cooking effort. Always be careful when checking other spice mixes such as Fajita mixes as they can often contain hidden syns due to the thickening ingredients for sauces.

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