Slimming World Chicken Supreme Recipes - Our List Of The Best Recipes Online!

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1 March, 2022

Our Ultimate Slimming World Chicken Supreme Recipe Inspiration

Chicken Supreme is an excellent home comfort meal to have on a weeknight, with crispy chicken bits adding flavour to your sauce and a supreme roux of cream and butter creating a indulgent dish, what more could you want?

But chicken supreme is sometimes not the healthiest dinner option, with heavy cream, butter and flour, it can seriously rake in the calories and fat without you know.

Luckily, there's a great variety of Slimming World friendly chicken supreme recipes online to choose from if you want to have this meal as a healthier version without ruining your diet.

We've listed our favourite Slimming World chicken supreme recipes below for some excellent cooking inspo.

Do I Need To Syn Chicken On The Slimming World Diet?

Chicken is classed as a free food on the SW diet, meaning you can eat a chick breast as part of your dinner and not have to syn it. This is because chicken in particular is a very lean protein source, so helps keep you full and satisfied after eating, speeding up weight loss.

Our Favourite SW Chicken Supreme Recipes

Traditionally, as we mentioned above, chicken supreme is always made with butter or heavy cream to make up the sauce, these are not the healthiest ingredients, so on most of the Slimming World recipe versions you will find that they switch out the cream for lighter options such as quark to lighten up the calories and help it stay syn free.

We have put together a list of our best SW chicken supreme recipes we found online.

Slimming Violet's Syn Free Chicken Supreme

This syn free chicken supreme for Slimming Violet follows the traditional SW chicken supreme recipe, swapping out cream for quark in order to make the dish much lighter.

You will need two chicken breast cut into chunks, lean bacon medallions, onion, garlic, mushrooms, quark and a chicken stock cube.

Simply throw in your veggies first in a frying pan, add your mushrooms, chicken and bacon then your quark and stock, allow you the liquid to reduce and voila, you have your SW friendly chicken supreme.

This recipe from Slimming Violet serves two people and takes around 25 minutes to cook, making it an easy speedy dinner!

Creamy Bacon Chicken Supreme From FatGirlSkinny

With the option to add some white whine for half a syn, this FatGirlSkinny SW chicken supreme recipes follows the basic quark version, but adds in parsley as well as option to put a small amount of white wine in to cut the thickness of the quark and give a kick to the sauce.

You'll need your two chicken breasts, dried parsley, mustard powder, bacon medallions, onion, garlic, quark, chicken stock and some frylight.

Fry of your veggies first, meat then mix your stock with your quark to make a sauce, put in the pan and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. This recipe omits mushrooms unlike others, so you can serve it with a speed veggie of your choice or rice to bulk the dish out.

The entire recipe from FatGirlSkinny serves two people, is a half a syn per serving with the wine and takes under 30 minutes to whip up.

Slimming World's Own Chicken Supreme

From the Slimming World website itself, this chicken supreme recipes takes on a classic chicken supreme recipe, except has some unique add ins such as kale, beans and marmite to make it a more filling meal that is still SYN FREE!

Ingredients-wise, you should make sure you have your chicken breasts, mushrooms, bacon rashers and some shredded kale. For the sauce you will need an onion, cannellini beans, cauliflower florets, potato, marmite and a chicke stock cube.

To make the dish you put all the sauce ingredients into a pan and simmer for 15 minutes with some boiling water, after that you can fry off your chicken, bacon and mushrooms then add in your kale near the end.

Serving size of the recipe is for 4 people and it will take you around 35 minutes to cook.

The Slimming World Diaries Chicken Supreme

This classic chicken supreme recipe from SW has been adapted to leave out the mushrooms, up the bacon rashers and use mustard seeds instead of powder for a richer flavour.

For the recipe you need 6 rashers of bacon, your two chicken breasts, quark, onion, mustard seeds, fry light and a bag of mixed veggies.

You can feel free to add any other speed veggies you want in this dish too in replacement of the mushrooms.

The sauce for this recipe does not require boiling at the end, otherwise it will split, so instead simply add in your onions and meat at the end once they have slightly cooled down.

In terms of syns, the recipe is SYN FREE and serves two people.

Full recipes details are on their blog here.

Alternative Tasty Chicken Slimming World Dishes To Try

Now we have covered a few different varieties of SW chicken supreme low syn dishes, we understand that the recipes might not be for everyone with additions such as quark, so we have listed a few other of our favourite SW chicken dishes on the internet below.

Slimming World's Diet Cola Chicken Recipe

The diet cola chicken recipe from SW is probably one of the most popular chicken recipes online next to chicken supreme dishes.

This recipe uses diet cola, passata, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce to create a sticky sweet sauce that covers your chicken breasts. You can add in veg of your choice such as sugar snap peas and the whole meal can be served with either mashed potato, rice, slimming world chips or even a salad to make it healthier.

To make the meal you have to fry off your veggies and chicken first, add in the sauce ingredients then allow it to simmer for around 15 minutes. Then add your other veg and cook for another 15.

The syn free recipe serves 4 and takes around 40 minutes total to cook up in the kitchen.

Full recipe is here.

SYN FREE Hunter's Chicken

Hunter's chicken can involve BBQ sauce out the bottle, which is classed as a syn on the SW diet, so to avoid this, the recipe makes your own BBQ sauce at home to keep the meal syn free.

This recipes uses chicken breast, bacon medallions, cheese and homemade BBQ sauce, which is all put together in a dish and bakes for about 20 minutes.

Keep in mind this meal is only SYN FREE if you count the cheese on top as your Healthy Extra A too.

We put the full recipe details here.

SW Friendly Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice is a meal that nearly everybody will like, kids and adults, and this rice dish from BasementBakeHouse is SYN FREE too!

Cooking time for the rice is around 30 minutes and it serves 8 people (makes great leftover lunch the next day), you should make sure you have some long grain rice for the dish and assorted Chinese veggies such as carrots, peas, spring onions and peppers all diced into small cubes.

Start by frying the chicken first, then your veggies and at the end you add in your cooked rice and your boiled peas with your soy sauce.

Simply store the leftovers in a plastic container for easy lunches.

Nando's Chicken & Rice (Slimming World Version)

You can't beat a Nando's, and when it' SYN FREE, you can enjoy it without the guilt too.

This Nando's chicken rice is pretty simple to make and uses chicken thighs instead of chicken breast to keep the meat juicy after being baked. For the best results, you can try marinating the chicken in it's rub overnight for extra flavour, for the rub you will need; paprika, lemon juice, oregano, ginger, chili powder, garlic, balsamic vinegar and tomato puree.

You will also need the spices for frying off your rice at the beginning, that's how you create a Nando's spiced rice.

For the full recipe details, click here (and keep in mind this serves 2-3 people, so you might want to double it for a family week meal).

SW Sticky Chicken

From Slimming World itself, this sticky chicken has 2 syns per serving, but is worth it for an indulgent weeknight meal or as an option rather than a takeaway.

The recipe serves 4 and you will need; four chicken breasts, honey, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce, you marinate the chicken, cook for 20 minutes altogether and then serve with your favourite veg.

A super quick and easy low syn meal.

No Butter Chicken Curry

Chicken curry's can often pack a lot of oil and calories into their sauce, but this no butter chicken curry from Slimming World Delights is SYN FREE and just as tasty as a normal chicken curry!

For the recipe, you need to make sure you have 4 chicken breasts, ginger, onion, curry spices, chicken stock, tomato paste and some fat free yoghurt on hand which is optional for a cooler taste.

After cooking serve with rice and top with coriander, then you've got yourself a quick yummy chicken curry!

Chicken Enchiladas (The SW Version)

Mexican dishes are typically not had on the SW diet, but this version of chicken enchiladas is designed so as it is only 2 syns per serving with the cheese had as a Extra Healthy A.

To make this delicious meal, you will need 4 chicken breasts that have been roasted and shredded, 150g of chorizo sausage that has been chopped, mushrooms, onions, peppers, chopped tomatoes and your Mexican seasoning, chipotle paste is also used to increase flavour.

As these are SW friendly chicken enchiladas, you use dried lasagna sheets rather than tortilla wraps which would need to be sinned.

The whole recipe serves 4 and takes around one hour 30 minutes to make, you can serve it with condiments such as yoghurt, green salad and jalapenos.

KFC Style Chicken Fakeaway

One of the hardest parts of a diet is giving up takeaways, but that doesn't mean you can't make your own home version of your favourite takeaway at home.

This KFC fakeaway from FatGirlSkinny is SYN FREE depending on whether or not you count the couscous. You will need to make sure you have two large chicken breasts, 2 eggs, couscous, spices and chicken stock to make the breaded like coating for the chicken.

To mirror a KFC, you simply make up the couscous then coat the chicken inside of it and bake it, the chicken can then be served with SW friendly chips and a salad.

Total serving size is for two people and takes around 30 minutes to make, you can get the full recipe here.

Last Words

To conclude, chicken is a great lean source of protein, and with some healthy swaps that are Slimming World friendly, you can continue to eat your favourite dishes such as chicken supreme. In our other chicken recipes below, always remember that if you use cheese, you should count it as your Healthy Extra A.

Happy cooking!

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