How Many Syns In Pearl Barley? Find Out Here!

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11 February, 2023

Can I Have Pearl Barley On Slimming World? Is It High In Syns?

Pearl barley is a great grain to have as a side in foods or as a main meal with some protein, this grain is high in fibre and fairly low in calories too, but does it have syns on the slimming world plan?

Can I Have Pearl Barley On Slimming World?

Pearl barley is a syn-free grain in the slimming world, making it a great carbohydrate base for meals like soup, salad or stews.

We've made a syn guide below, discussing why pearl barley is syn free, some other syn free grains and carbs on the SW plan two slimming world recipes using pearl barley for some cooking inspo!

Why Is Pearl Barley Syn Free?

Pearl barley is considered a free food on the slimming world plan, this means you can eat as much of this grain as you want without having to track its syns on the plan.

Pearl barley is syn free as long as it comes naturally dried out of its packet, avoid microwave packets with grains like this since they often contain oil in order to keep the grains separate, meaning they have a syn value.

Other Syn Free Grains & Carbs

A fair amount of grains and carbs are syn-free on the slimming world plan, we've listed the other main options below.

Other Syn Free Grains & Carbs
  • Couscous.
  •  Dried noodles.
  •  Pasta.
  •  Bulger wheat.
  •  Quinoa.
  •  Rice.
  •  Dried pasta.

Our Top SW Recipes With Pearl Barley

If you have a packet of pearl barley in the cupboard and you are unsure of what slimming world-friendly recipe you can make with this grain, we've got two great SW recipes for you to try out at home below.

Pearl Barley Soup


  • 100g dried pearl barley
  •  Two onions.
  •  One potato.
  •  Two celery sticks.
  •  Three parsnips.
  •  Four carrots.
  •  Two veggie stocks.


  1. Begin by cooking your pearl barley then fry off the onion and celery in a pan for around 6 minutes, dissolve the stock in a litre of hot water then add in.
  2.  Add the pearl barley to the pan plus the rest of the veg and cook for 15 minutes.
  3.  Serve and enjoy!
Our Top SW Recipes With Pearl Barley

Pearl Barley Fish Risotto


  • 50g of peas.
  •  30g of spinach.
  •  One onion.
  •  Zest a lemon and juice.
  •  50g of pearl barley.
  •  150ml of veggie stock.
  •  One garlic.
  •  One sea bass fillet.


  1. Start by making up the puree, do this by simply boiling the peas till soft then add in the spinach and lemon and blend.
  2.  Next, fry off the onion and add in the pearl barley, stirring to coat the grains in oil, keep adding stock bit by bit until the grains are cooked then add in the puree.
  3.  Meanwhile, cook the fish in a frying pan for around three minutes on each side on high heat.
  4.  Serve all together and enjoy!

Final Words

Overall, pearl barley is a syn free grain on the slimming world plan meaning you can eat as much of it as you want without tracking syns, working well with soups or as a side with proteins like chicken and fish.

Our Top SW Recipes With Pearl Barley

Always be cautious of microwave packets which often contain oil, meaning they have syns. If you are interested in learning about the syns in other grains like rice, we have a good syn guide here.

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