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How Many Syns Uncle Bens Mexican Rice? Find Out Here!

Updated on 
27 November, 2021

Can I Eat Uncle Bens Mexican Rice On The Slimming World Plan?

Even though rice is syn free on the slimming world plan, microwaveable rice is technically not due to the oil and flavourings inside of the packet, this means you have to track how many syns you are eating per pouch to stay on track.

Uncle Bens Mexican rice has 4.5 syns in for a pouch, making it low in syns for a side dish and a quick dinner, the microwave wholegrain rice pouch in Mexican flavour has 5 syns per pouch. 

Since Uncle Ben's micro rice range comes in a huge variety of rice pouches flavours, we have listed the rest of their syn values below and discussed how you can eat this micro rice as part of your SW plan.

Why Is Uncle Ben's Mexican Rice Not Syn Free?

As we mentioned above, due to the flavouring and oil inside of the Uncle Bens Mexican rice it is not syn free, as rice alternative which is syn free, you can look for their dried and boil in the bag plain white rice which has no oil and flavourings. 

Uncle Bens Microwave Packet Rice Syn Values

Down below we will list the rest of the other syn values for Uncle Ben's micro rice range. 

  • Uncle Ben’s Basmati Rice – 2 syns per pouch.Uncle Ben’s Long Grain And Wild Rice - 1.5 syns per pouch.
  • Uncle Ben’s Brown Basmati Rice – 3.5 syns per pouch.
  • Uncle Ben’s Chicken And Mushroom Risotto - 4 syns per pouch.
  • Uncle Ben’s Lemon and Thyme Rice - 2.5 syns per pouch.
  • Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Rice - 1 syn per pouch.Uncle Ben’s Coconut Rice - 6.5 syns per pouch.
  • Uncle Ben’s Pilau Rice - 4 syns per pouch.
  • Uncle Ben’s Roasted Garlic Rice - 2.5 syns per pouch.
  • Uncle Ben’s Savoury Chicken Flavoured Rice - 3 syns per pouch.

Last Words

Overall, Uncle Bens Mexican rice in wholegrain and normal style is between 4.5-5 syns, making it a good low syn food to have when you need a quick meal. If you want to save syns stick to syn free plain dried rice and boil it instead without any oil. 

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