How Many Syns In A Chicken Kiev? Find Out Here!

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4 January, 2023

Are Chicken Kievs High In Syns? - Our Slimming World Syn Guide

There's nothing quite like a chicken kiev for a weeknight dinner or maybe as a treat when you are eating out, but since the chicken is breaded in these meals, you will need to make sure you are counting the syns to stay on track with your weight loss.

Are Chicken Kievs High In Syns?

Chicken kievs can have varying syns according to their size and how they are made, on average, you can expect anything between 13-16 syns for one kiev, making this meal very high in syns.

We've composed a short syn guide below discussing why Chicken kievs are so high in syns, some syn values and how to make your SW chicken kiev to help you save syns.

Why Are Chicken Kievs So High In Syns?

At 13-16 syns for one chicken kiev, these chicken pieces are very high in syns, taking up the whole of your 15 syn daily allowance for a single portion.

Chicken kievs get their high syn value from the breading which is often fried in oil, some options are also stuffed with butter or cheese increasing their fat content. For example, one breaded chicken kiev from Tesco can have up to 28g of fat, of which 11 is saturated making it a very unhealthy meal.

Syn Values Of Chicken Kievs

Chicken kievs have varying syns according to what they are stuffed with and the size, to help you compare syns, we've listed a few different options down below.

Syn Values Of Chicken Kievs
  • ASDA 2 Buttery Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 260g - 16 syns.
  • Tesco 2 Chicken Garlic Breast Kievs 375g - 13 syns.
  • Aldi Ashfields 2 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 260g - 15.5 syns.
  • Aldi Roosters 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs In Breadcrumbs 500g - 15.5 syns.
  • Birds Eye 2 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 204g - 13 syns.
  • Tesco 4 Garlic Butter Chicken Kievs 500g - 15 syns.
  • Aldi Specially Selected 2 Wild Garlic & Jersey Butter Chicken Kievs 375g - 19.5 syns.
  • Tesco Finest Wild Garlic Chicken Kiev with Salted Butter 385g - 22 syns.
  • Aldi Specially Selected 2 Panko Breaded Katsu Curry Chicken Kievs 375g - 14.5 syns.
  • M&S Food Gastropub 2 Chicken Kievs 450g - 25.5 syns.
  • M&S Food Plant Kitchen No Chicken Kiev 280g - 17 syns.
  • Birds Eye 2 Cheese & Ham Chicken Kievs 204g - 12.5 syns.

Our SW Recipe For The Best Chicken Kiev

If you're a lover of chicken kievs but don't want to spend all the syns, why not try making your own chicken kievs at home?


  • Two chicken stock pots.
  • Two chicken breasts.
  • One egg.
  • Low cal cooking spray.
  • 35g of panko breadcrumbs.
  • One handful of parsley.
  • 20g of flora light.


  1. Start by heating your oven to 170 degrees then add your parsley, stock pots, garlic and butter to your bowl with a splash of water.
  2. Stir until it becomes a thick paste then pop in the fridge for 15 minutes. In the meantime lay your chicken breasts flat and cut pockets into them for the fillings.
  3. Add the filling into the breasts, securing with a skewer then whisk an egg in a bowl and put your breadcrumbs in the other bowl.
  4. Spray a baking tray then dip your breasts into the eggs then into the breadcrumbs and bake in the oven for around half an hour.
Our SW Recipe For The Best Chicken Kiev

Final Words

Overall, a Chicken kiev is high in syns, having on average between 13-16 syns for one portion, this is due to the high-fat breadcrumbs and fillings which kievs often have. To save syns we recommend making your own kievs at home to give you more control over the calorie content.

If you like Kievs, why not have a look at Pinch Of Nom's Garlic Chicken?

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