How Many Syns In Birds Eye Vegetabe Burgers? & Low Syn Alternatives

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28 February, 2022

Do Birds Eye Vegetable Burgers Have a Lot Of Syns?

Maybe you are doing veganuary or you trying to cut out some meat meals to lose weight, veggie burgers make a great filling meal paired with some slimming world chips and a salad.

Birdseye vegetable burgers in particular have 11 syns per one burger, making them quite high in syns, so we recommend only having them occasionally. 

To give you some more info about the syns of these burgers, we've composed a short guide below which will explain why they are high in syns, the over syn values of their veggie range as well as some low syn alternatives to add to your shopping list.

Why Are Birds Eye Vegetable Burgers High In Syns?

Most people do assume veggie burgers would be low in syns due to the absence of meat, however, these veggie burgers are high in syns due to breadcrumbs coating which increases the calorie content, they additionally have cheese and rice inside which makes them higher in fat and carbohydrates.

Still, it is great to switch between meat and veggie meals when losing weight, so if you save your syns for the day, there is no reason as to why you can't enjoy one of these burgers now and then.

Birds Eye Veggie Syn Values

Birds eye have a huge range of veggie burgers and meals called 'Birds Eye Green', we've listed the rest of their meals below along with the syn values to give some weeknight cooking inspiration.


  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine 2 Chicken Free Burgers 200G - 15 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine 2 Veggie Burgers 250G - 11 syns.
  • Birds Eye 2 Meat-Free Burgers 200G - 12 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine 2 Mushroom Burgers 227G - 11.5 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine 2 Cauliflower Burgers 227G - 9 syns.

Other Veggie Meals

  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine Chicken-Free Dippers 220G - 14 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine Chicken Free Southern Fried Strips 210G - 12.5 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine Chicken Free Southern Fried Grills X2 180G - 14.5 syns.
  • Birds Eye Meat Free Swedish Style Balls 280G - 9.5 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine 2 Chicken Free Crispy Grill 170G - 13 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine 22 Dippers Chicken Free 403G - 14 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine Falafel 450G - 10 syns for 6.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine Fishless Fingers 12 Pack 336G - 14 syns.
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine Mushroom Bites 275G - 14 syns.

Low Syn Alternatives To Birds Eye Vegetable Burgers

If you find Birds Eye veggie burgers to be too high in syns there are plenty of other options out there which are low in syns, we've listed a few below to get you started.

  • Linda Mccartney 2 Mozzarella Burgers 227G - 13 syns.
  • Linda Mccartney 2 Vegetarian Quarter Pounder Burgers 227G - 12.5 syns.
  • Heinz Original Beanz Burgerz 2 Pack 180G - 9 syns.
  • Heinz Beanz Burgerz Italian Style 2 Pack 180G - 9 syns.
  • Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties 226G - 13 syns.
  • Fry's Meat Free 4 Chicken Style Burger 320G - 8 syns.
  • Heck Vegan Italia Burgers 228G - 6 syns.
  • Linda Mccartney Bbq Pulled Pork Burger 227G - 7.5 syns.
  • Richmond 2 Vegan Meat-Free Frozen Burgers 150G - 7 syns.
  • Quorn 4 Chicken Style Burgers 252G - 6 syns.

Should I Eat Birds Eye Vegetable Burgers On Slimming World?

Overall, Birds Eye vegetable burgers are very high in syns, so you would need to ensure you save enough syns out of your 15 to eat them as part of the slimming world plan.

We recommend having a plant-based meal a few times a week as this can help with weight loss, try one of our low syn alternatives above if you find the Birds Eye burgers to be too high in syns.

Jennifer is a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach with a Master's in Nutrition from Cambridge. With over 10 years experience, she shares healthy recipes and science-backed slimming tips on SheCooksSheEats to help people reach their wellness goals. Jennifer stays up-to-date by regularly attending conferences and continuing her nutrition education. She aims to provide research-backed advice to inspire balanced, happy living.
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