How Many Syns In Tesco Instant Oats Porridge? Find Out Here!

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10 November, 2021

Is Tesco Instant Oats Porridge High In Syns?

If you are looking for a quick and easy breakfast on the go then grabbing a pot of instant oats is very convenient, but would you need to track its syns?

Tesco instant porridge pots have syns varying between 10-10.5 syns depending on the flavour of the pot that you buy as this controls the fat and calorie content.

In our small guide below, we will discuss whether or not porridge is syn free on the slimming world plan, the syn values of Tesco instant porridge and some other low syn alternatives on the go porridge pots for a quick and easy brekky.

Is Porridge Syn Free On Slimming World?

Porridge is not syn free on slimming world but can be made as your healthy extra B if you make it yourself with 40g of oats, anything over this allowance would then have to be counted as syns. Tesco instant porridge pots do not count to your healthy extra B due to all the extra sugar and flavourings inside which need to be synned, you can buy a plain pot of porridge and this would count as your healthy extra instead.

If you want to make porridge with no syns, you can always try using the milk and water as your healthy extra A too.

Tesco Instant Porridge Syns

Most of Tesco's instant porridge syns are the same, but we will list their syn values for their main three flavours below to help you out.

  • Tesco Instant Oats Porridge Pot Golden Syrup 55G - 10.5 syns.
  • Tesco Instant Oats Porridge Pot Apple & Blueberry 55G - 10.5 syns.
  • Tesco Cinnamon Instant Oats Pot 55G - 10.5 syns.

Low Syn Alternatives To Tesco Instant Oats Porridge

Not all on the go porridge pots are as high as Tesco instant oats, you can also find some lower syn alternatives from different brands on the market.

We will list the syn values below.

  • Moma Porridge Pot Cranberry & Raisin 70G - 12 syns per pot.
  • Quaker Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Porridge 57G - 10.5 syns per pot.
  • Fuel 10K Chocolate Porridge 70G - 13 syns a pot.
  • Wicked Kitchen Cinnamon & 3 Seeds Porridge 70G - 14 syns a pot.
  • Moma Oat Porridge Plain 65G - 11.5 syns or healthy extra B.
  • Moma Porridge Cacao & Hazelnut Pot 65G - 12 syns a pot.
  • Wicked Kitchen Berry Porridge 70G - 15 syns a pot.
  • M&S Maple Syrup Porridge 70g - 13 syns a pot.
  • Stoats - High Protein Porridge Pot Chocolate 60g - 11 syns a pot.
  • Wolfy's Vegan Strawberries & Cream Porridge 84g - 15 syns a pot.

How To Make Porridge Healthier On Slimming World?

As you have likely noticed, most instant porridge pots are fairly high in syns, this is because they are full of additional flavourings and sugar. To make porridge healthier try making your own with plain instant sachets if you are short on time or rolled oats, this way you can put them towards your healthy extra B too.

Always be cautious of the milk you are mixing it with, full fat will add a lot of extra syns and you can use skimmed as your healthy extra A, also consider the toppings and try to add on speed foods such as berries to keep your porridge lower in syns. 

Last Words

To conclude, Tesco instant porridge pots are high in syns, costing you 10 .5 syns per pot, we would suggest avoiding instant porridge pots and making your own in the morning to save on syns, you can use your healthy extra B this way too.

If you are looking for convenience then pick the instant porridge pots which are plain and add your toppings rather than buying flavoured packs.

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