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How Many Syns In A KFC Rice Box? & Low Syns Alternatives
Published: 12 January, 2022 
January 13, 2022 by Stephanie

Can I Eat KFC Rice Box On The Slimming World Diet?

A KFC Rice Box is a ready meal chicken with three varieties of flavours and served with chips and a can of drink.

You can eat KFC rice boxes! Although they do contain some fat, they are still considered healthy snacks.

They are also great for when you're hungry after a workout. But, you should not eat it during meal times.

A KFC rice box contains between 70 - 100 syns. The number depends on how much rice you order, but for the average person, they should receive around 20 syns.

The KFC Rice Box is a mixture of many Slimming World friendly components in their own right. But the combination of them all together is still not Slimming World friendly.

Slimming World Low Syn Rice Alternatives

The low syn alternatives are the Slimming World friendly low syn products. It has been developed to ensure that you can still enjoy the food you love, but with less syn value.

Slimming world rice replacement ideas are a dime a dozen. But it's worth looking at some of these recipes and suggestions to try out the alternatives.

It's great to see that there's no one-size-fits-all to the Slimming World way of eating. It would help if you were sure to find what works for you and your family.

The Low Syn version of the Slimming World rice alternatives and the regular versions are: 

1. Basmati Rice and Brown Basmati Rice

2. Rice and Quinoa

3. Wild Rice

4. Couscous

5. Couscous and Quinoa

If you want a healthier alternative, try brown rice instead of white rice. All these foods contain high amounts of protein, fibre, antioxidants and other nutrients.

They also provide a great source of energy and help reduce hunger cravings.

Low Syn Lunch Alternatives

You could try the following alternatives when you are on a Slimming World diet:

1) Kale Salad with Chicken breast fillet and Avocado Sauce

2) Spinach Pesto Pasta

3) Veggie Burger with Hummus

4) Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich

5) Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with vegetables and sauce.

Helpful Tips

  • You can make a low syn lunch for yourself by cooking a healthy lunch. Here are some ideas:
  • Grill chicken breast with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Then wrap it in a lettuce leaf with a few slices of tomato and cucumber.
  • You can also add some homemade bean salsa. 
  • You can make a sandwich using tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, crispy chicken breast.
  • You can also make a salad using tuna, egg and cheese with a low syn dressing.

Final Worlds

I would say that it is vital to have a little balance in our lives. It is ok to have something that you enjoy, which is not a healthy option.

If you do this, you will feel less deprived and lose weight more.

Take a look at the Slimming World Low Syn Lunch menu and choose a low syn alternative from there. The menu also features low syn and quick and easy to prepare items.

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