How Many Syns In Kallo Organic Rice Cakes? & Low Syn Alternatives

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16 October, 2021

Are Rice Cakes High In Syns On Slimming World?

Snacking on a diet like SW is a great way to keep yourself satisfied till your next meal, but you should still be tracking the syns of your snacks, even for healthy foods such as rice cakes. 

Kallo organic rice cakes with chocolate have 2.5 syns per serving, while their standard plain organic ones have 1.5 syn per serving, making them an excellent low syn snack choice for a savoury or sweet craving. 

In our guide below we will cover if rice cakes are syn free on the Slimming World plan, some other low syn rice cake alternatives to Kallo and even how to make your rice krispy squares if you are in the mood for a low syn sweet snack.

Are Rice Cakes Syn Free On Slimming World? 

First of all, let's address whether or not rice cakes are syn free on the slimming world plan, unfortunately, rice cakes are not syn free and can be counted as 1 syn per 20 calories, or with a syn calculator

This doesn't mean that rice cakes are not low in syns however, with most of them never going over the 5 syn mark, making them a great low syn snack choice. 

Kallo Rice Cake Syns 

  • Kallo Buckwheat Superseed Rice Cakes - 1.5 syns. 
  • Kallo Organic Rice Cakes With Chocolate - 2.5 syns. 
  • Kallo Organic Unsalted Rice Cakes - 1.5 syns. 
  • Kallo Belgian Milk Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes Multipack 4 x 21g - 5 syns per pack. 
  • Kallo Blueberry & Vanilla Rice & Corn Cakes 120g - 2 syns per cake. 
  • Kallo Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Rice & Corn Cakes 122g - 1.5 syns per cake.
  • Kallo Apple & Cinnamon Rice Cake Thins 127g - 1.5 syns per cake.

Low Syn Rice Cake Alternatives 

Rice cakes, in general, are a great low syn snack to have, you can even top them with cream cheese, fruits or spreads to make them even more interesting, if you don't have any Kallo rice cakes on hand we have listed out some other low syn alternatives below.

  • Snack a Jacks Chocolate Chip Rice Cakes 180g - 3 syns per cake. 
  • M&S Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes 25g x 5 per pack - 6 syns. 
  • Itsu Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes 100g - 4 syns per cake. 
  • Marmite Rice Cakes 110g - 1.5 syns per cake. 
  • Harvest Morn Rice Cakes With Yoghurt Coating 150g - 4 syns per cake. 
  • Harvest Morn Multigrain Healthy Rice Cakes 130g - 1.5 syns.
  • Nature's Store GF White Chocolate Rice Cakes 100g - 4 syns per cake. 
  • Itsu Yoghurt Rice Cakes 34g - 4 syns per cake. 
  • Snack a Jacks Jumbo Cheese Rice Cakes 120g - 2 syns a cake. 
  • Snack a Jacks Salt & Vinegar Jumbo Rice Cakes 126g - 2 syns a cake. 
  • Snack a Jacks Jumbo Caramel Rice Cakes 159g - 2.5 syns per cake. 
  • Biona Organic Rice Cakes With Quinoa 100g - 1.5 syns per cake. 
  • Biona Organic Rice Cakes With Sea Salt 100g - 1.5 syns per cake. 
  • Snack a Jacks Sour Cream & Chive Multipack Rice Cakes 5 x 19g - 4 syns per pack.
  • Tesco Free From Wholegrain Rice Cakes 130G - 1.5 syns per cake. 
  • Tesco Yogurt Coated Rice Cakes 105G - 4 syns per cake.
  • Tesco Chocolate Orange Rice Cakes 129G - 5 syns per cake. 
  • Nature's Store Free From Chocolate Orange Rice Cake 100G - 4 syns per cake.
  • Snack a Jacks Sweet Chilli Multipack Rice Cakes 5 x 19g - 4 syns a pack.
  • M&S Yogurt & Strawberry Rice Cakes 125g - 6 syns a pack. 
  • Sainsbury's Protein Rice Cakes with Pea & Lentil 125g - 1.5 syns per cake.  
  • Sainsbury's Low Fat Rice Cake, Be Good To Yourself 135g - 1.5 syns per cake.  
  • Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes 4x30g - 7 syns a pack.  
  • The Snack Organisation Sweet Chilli Rice Crackers 1/4 pack serving - 5.5 syns.

Our SW Rice Krispy Square Recipe

If you are looking for a light snack, you can always try making your rice cakes at home with some puffed rice. 

We have put together a 2 syn per cake recipe for you to try if you are looking for some inspiration. 


  • 6 tbsp butter. 
  • 80 Sugar-Free Marshmallows. 
  • 100g Rice Krispies.


  • Step one - Melt your butter in a saucepan then add in your marshmallows and stir until they have melted. 
  • Step two - Add in your rice krispies and stir them until they are coated fully with the mixture. 
  • Step three - Now place the mixture into a prepared greased baking tray and push the mixture in, allow it to cool in the fridge till they become solid before you cut them into squares. 

Ideas For Choosing Low Syn Rice Cake Toppings

If you want to keep your rice cakes low syn, you could eat them plain or buy ones with a topping on them already such as the Kallo chocolate organic cakes, but if your looking to make your plain rice cakes a little less boring, we've got some great low syn topping ideas below. 

  • Avocado - 7 syns for half an avocado with some chilli flakes seriously upgrades your rice cake. 
  • Cucumbers and cream cheese - For 25g of cream cheese it will only set you back around 3 syns.
  • Salsa - You can make your own syn free!
  • Peanut butter - Coming in at around 4.5 syns a tablespoon, this is a filling snack that should keep you satisfied till dinner.
  • Banana - A great snack but will be 4 syns once mashed.
  • Greek yoghurt - If you use 0% fat Greek yoghurt this could be an excellent low syn high protein snack.
  • Canned tuna - Syn free!
  • Eggs - Eggs are syn free on slimming world, some topping you plain cakes with some for a quick brekky is a great idea.
  • Fruit - Why not try putting some fruit on your rice cakes? Tasty and syn free!

Last Words

Overall, Kallo organic rice cakes have between 1.5 syns and 2.5 syns depending if you go with their Kallo choc covered option or just the plain rice cakes. There are plenty of other low syn rice cakes to choose from for a good snack which will keep you under your syn allowance. 

If you are looking to cut your syns you can always try buying plain rice cakes and topping them yourself.

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