How Many Syns In Jim Jams Chocolate Spread?

Updated on 
17 March, 2022

Is Jim Jams Chocolate Spread High In Syns?

Jimjams is great chocolate spread to choose from if you are looking to cut back on sugar in your diet, but since it's not a syn free food, you need to make sure you are tracking how much you are having.

This chocolate spread has 4 syns in a per tablespoon, making it a moderate synned spread and okay to have in moderation when measured. 

Down below in our guide, we will discuss why Jim Jams is a healthier chocolate spread, how much you can have on the SW plan as well as some low syn alternatives to this chocolate spread.

Why Is Jim Jams a Healthier Chocolate Spread?

Jim Jams chocolate spread is healthier than other spreads due to the fact it has less sugar, the spread is instead sweetened with a sweetener, keeping it lower in syns.

At 4 syns a tablespoon you could have up to three tablespoons of the spread before using over 10 syns in your daily allowance. Although this spread is sweetened without sugar, it is still high in calories too, so we suggest eating it only within moderation and always measuring the amount you are using with tablespoons and teaspoons.

Jim jams chocolate spread does come in a few different flavours, we've listed the rest of them below to keep you on track.

  • Jim Jams Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Spread 330G - 4 syns a serving.
  • Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread - 4 syns a serving.
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Orange Spread - 5 syns a serving.
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - 4 syns a serving.
  • JimJams No Added Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - 5 syns a serving.

Low Syn Alternatives To Jim Jams Chocolate Spread

If you find Jim Jams chocolate spread too high in syns, there are plenty of other low syn alternatives to put on your morning toast which we will list below.

  • Tesco Chocolate Spread 400G - 4 syns a tablespoon.
  • Tesco Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 400G - 4 syns.
  • Nature's Store Gluten Free Chocolate Spread - 4 syns.
  • Nutella Chocolate Spread 350G - 4 syns.
  • Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate Spread Chocolate 400g - 3.5 syns.
  • Gü Chocolate & Salted Caramel Velvety Spread Palm Oil Free 200g - 5 syns.
  • Sainsbury's Duo Chocolate Swirl Spread 400g - 5 syns.
  • Hubbards Foodstore Chocolate Spread 400g - 5 syns.
  • Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 200G - 4 syns.
  • Sweet Freedom Chocolate Pot 250G Chocolate Spread - 1.5 syns.
  • Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Cookie Protein Spread - 4 syns.
  • Bonne Maman Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 250G - 4 syns.
  • Tesco No Added Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 400G - 4 syns.
  • Cadbury Chocolate Spread 400g - 4 syns.
  • Rowse Choco Bee Chocolate Spread With Honey 340G - 2.5 syns.
  • Nutella Plus Cocoa Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread 350G - 4 syns.
  • MINDFUL BITES Chocolate & Hazelnut Vegan Spread - 4 syns.
  • Mr Organic Free From Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread - 4 syns.
  • M&S Italian Chocolate Hazelnut Creme - 4 syns.
  • Joe & Seph's Chocolate Caramel Sauce - 4 syns.
  • Naturya Superfood Spread Cacao & Hazelnut Crunchy - 4 syns.
  • M&S Plant Kitchen Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - 4.5 syns.
  • Meridian Cocoa & Hazelnut Butter - 5 syns.
  • Pan Di Stelle Hazelnut Cocoa Spread - 4 syns.
  • Raw Health Organic Cacao Brazilnut Bliss - 5 syns.

Last Words

Overall, Jim Jams chocolate spread is a great choice to have on your toast thanks to its low syn value of 4 syns per tablespoon or 2 syns a teaspoon, it's also a good option if you want to cut back on sugar thanks to its sweeteners based ingredients.

We would suggest always measuring chocolate spread out before using it, just spreading out the jar can be deceptive as too how much you are using which could lead to consuming extra syns by accident.

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