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12 November, 2021

How Many Syns In Asda Caramel Rice Cakes? Find Out Here!

Are Asda Caramel Rice Cakes High In Syns? Rice cakes are a great low syn snack to have on the slimming world plan, mainly because of their volume due to them being made with puffed rice, keeping their calories...
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10 November, 2021

How Many Syns In Jumbo Caramel Snack A Jacks? Find Out Here!

Can I Eat Jumbo Caramel Snack A Jacks On The Slimming World Diet: Are They High In Syns? When you are looking for an afternoon snack on the SW plan, finding something to eat that's within your syn allowance...
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16 October, 2021

How Many Syns In Fridge Raiders Snack Bites? & Low Syn Alternatives!

Do Fridge Raiders Have A Lot Of Syns On Slimming World? Fridge raiders are great high protein snacks to have in the house or make an excellent addition to a quick lunch on the go, but how many syns...
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9 November, 2021

How Many Syns In Go Ahead Crispy Slices? & Low Syn Alternatives

Can I Eat Go Ahead Bars On The Slimming World Diet? If you are looking for a quick snack on the go then Go Ahead bars are an easy choice, but as these are not classed as free food...
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16 October, 2021

How Many Syns In Kallo Organic Rice Cakes? & Low Syn Alternatives

Are Rice Cakes High In Syns On Slimming World? Snacking on a diet like SW is a great way to keep yourself satisfied till your next meal, but you should still be tracking the syns of your snacks, even...
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