How Many Syns In Wheaten Bread? Find Out Here!

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5 April, 2022

Is Wheaten Bread High In Syns? Can I Eat It On Slimming World?

Wheaten bread or brown soda bread is a favourite Irish bread for many of us, but how many syns does this bread have on the slimming world plan?

Wheaten breads syns can vary according to how it is made but typically has about 5 syns a slice which is around 100 calories, making it quite high in syns, two slices would cost you 10 syns, leaving only 5 left for the rest of your day.

Down below we will cover why wheaten bread is so high in syns, some syn values of different breads, low syn bread alternatives as well as how to make your own SW friendly soda bread at home!

Why Is Wheaten Bread So High In Syns?

At 5 syns a slice, wheaten bread is very high in syns, with some brands even going up to 6.5 syns a slice.

The syns in this type of bread comes from the butter and sugar used inside of the Irish soda bread, making it higher in syns than typical wholemeal bread.

Despite being high in fibre, wheaten bread does not count as your healthy extra B on slimming world, only plain wholemeal bread does.

Syn Values Of Wheaten Bread

Depending on where you buy your wheaten bread from, the syns can vary slightly, we've listed a few types below to keep you on track.

  • Tesco Traditional Wheaten Bread 440G - 6.5 syns a slice.
  • Irwin's Together Stoneground Wheaten Bread 400g - 5 syns for a slice.
  • John McCambridge Irish Soda Bread Kit 360g - 6 syns a slice.

How Does Wheaten Bread Compare To Other Breads?

Wheaten breads have 5 syns a slice, but how do they compare to white and wholemeal breads?

Well, white breads have between 3.5-5.5 syns a slice depending on how thick the bread is while wholemeal breads also have between 3-5 syns a slice.

This is a similar syn value to wheaten breads, sometimes these Irish soda breads can have a slightly higher syn value if more butter was used during the baking process.

Low Syn Bread Alternatives To Wheaten Bread

If you're a lover of wheaten bread but find it too high in syns, we've listed a few other low syn bread alternatives to check out below.

  • Warburtons Wholemeal Medium Bread 800G - 5 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Toastie Wholemeal Thick Bread 800G - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Hi Fibre Wholemeal 800G Sliced - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • Hovis Nimble Wholemeal Loaf 400G - 2.5 syns a slice.
  • M&S Wholemeal Farmhouse Bread Loaf 800g - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Farmhouse Wholemeal Loaf 440G - 4 syns a slice.
  • Kingsmill soft white medium bread - 5 syns a slice.
  • Hovis white bread - 3 syns a slice.
  • M&S soft white farmhouse bread - 6.5 syns a slice.
  • Genius toasties white bread - 4 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Finest Wholemeal Seeds And Grains 800G - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • M&S Wholemeal Seed Farmhouse Bread Loaf 800g - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • M&S Wholemeal Rye Bread Loaf 400g - 8 syns a slice.

How To Make Your Own Slimming World Soda Bread

One way to save some syns when eating wheaten bread, is by making your own slimming world friendly version at home.

This soda bread is gluten free and one slice can also be used as your healthy extra B!


  • 115g of gluten free oats.
  • Two eggs.
  • 115g of natural yoghurt (fat free).
  • Pinch of baking soda and salt.
  • One tsp of baking powder.


  1. Keep a small handful of oats aside and blend the rest up until they resemble oat flour, add this to the rest of your dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Now add your yoghurt and eggs then gently combine.
  3. Leave the mixture for around 20 minutes while you preheat your oven to gas mark 4.
  4. Line your tray and add the mixture for the bread then sprinkle oats on top.
  5. Put the bread in the oven and bake for 50 minutes.
  6. Allow to cool and serve as 1/3 a portion.

Should I Have Wheaten Bread On Slimming World?

Overall, having a slice of wheaten bread now and then is fine on slimming world as long as your syn allows, you could have up to three slices before using up your syn allowance.

To save syns we suggest having regular wholemeal bread as your healthy extra B or make your wheaten bread at home with our recipe above counting as your healthy extra B!

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