How Many Syns In Warburtons Wholemeal Bread? Find Out Here!

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8 December, 2021

Does Warburton's Wholemeal Bread Have a Lot Of Syns?

On the slimming world plan, some foods are syn free while others count towards your daily fibre or protein intake, wholemeal bread being one of them, but once this allowance is reached you will need to syn your wholemeal bread to stay on track.

Warburtons wholemeal bread has 3 syns in per slice for a 400g loaf and 5 syns per slice from an 800g loaf, making it still pretty low in syns when compared to standard white bread. 

We've composed a guide below which will take you through how to use your wholemeal bread as your HexB, some other syn values of Warburton's bread and a few alternatives from other brands.

Let's get into it!

Is Wholemeal Bread Syn Free On Slimming World?

Wholemeal bread from any brand is mostly syn free on the slimming world plan but only in a certain amount, for example, two slices of 400g wholemeal bread is syn free and one slice of 800g bread since it's bigger.

The point of your healthy extra B allowance is to encourage you to get your daily intake of fibre in which can help to boost weight loss and keep you full. Once you go over this allowance you will need to start tracking your fibre such as wholemeal bread as syns.

HexB Allowance List

What counts as your healthy extra B can differ, so to help you out, we've listed all the foods you can have as your Healthy Extra B down below.

  • 1 Hovis Wholemeal Sliced Roll.
  • 3 slices Kingsmill No Crusts Wholemeal Bread (400g loaf).
  • 1 Warburtons gluten-free multiseed sandwich thin.
  • 60g wholemeal bread.
  • 2 slices small gluten-free bread, brown/high fibre white /multi-seed.
  • 1 wholemeal roll.
  • 1 gluten-free roll, brown/high fibre white/multi-seed.
  • 1 thick slice wholemeal bread (800g sliced loaf).
  • 2 small slices of wholemeal bread (400g sliced loaf).

Other Wholemeal Bread Alternatives & Syn Values

The syn values of wholemeal bread don't typically differ but we've listed the syn values down below so as you can know exactly what you are getting in the supermarket.

  • Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Medium 800G - 4.5 syns a slice.
  • Hovis Nimble Wholemeal Loaf 400G - 2.5 syns a slice.
  • M&S Wholemeal Farmhouse Bread Loaf 800g - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Hi Fibre Wholemeal 800G Sliced - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • Hovis Wholemeal Medium Bread 800G - 4.5 syns a slice.
  • Hovis Wholemeal Thick Bread 800G - 5 syns a slice.
  • Warburtons Wholemeal Medium Bread 400G - 3 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Wholemeal Bread 800G - 4.5 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Finest Wholemeal Seeds And Grains 800G - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Finest Wholemeal 800G - 5 syns a slice.
  • Hovis Granary Wholemeal Bread 800G - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • Warburtons Wholemeal Medium Bread 800G - 5 syns a slice.
  • Tesco Toastie Wholemeal Thick Bread 800G - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • M&S Wholemeal Seed Farmhouse Bread Loaf 800g - 5.5 syns a slice.
  • M&S Wholemeal Rye Bread Loaf 400g - 8 syns a slice.

Does White Bread Have Syns?

If you wondering whether or not you can use white bread as your healthy extra B, the answer is, unfortunately, no, unless it is a high fibre version. This is because white bread has a higher sugar content and is less nutritional than wholemeal bread.

You would need to syn white bread at around 3.5 syns a slice or even more depending on the size.

Final Words

Overall, at 3-5 syns a slice, wholemeal bread is still low in syns and make a great high fibre snack to have or use as your Healthy extra B to save some syns. You should always check the size of the loaf beforehand as this can count as extra syns the thicker it is.

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