How Many Syns In Warburtons White Bread? Find Out Here!

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11 November, 2021

Is Warburtons White Bread Syn Free On Slimming World?

Warburtons white bread is a common breakfast for many of us, but since white bread is not syn free in the slimming world diet, you have to be tracking them in your syn allowance.

Depending on the weight of a slice, a medium white bread slice of Warburtons bread can be between 3.5 syns and 5 syns, going up to 5.5 syns if you choose their white toasties bread which is thicker. 

We have composed a short guide below which will tell you why white bread is not syn free on slimming world, a list of Warburton's bread syn values and some white bread low syn alternatives to Warburtons.

Why Is Warburtons White Bread High In Syns?

Some types of bread on the slimming world plan can be used within your Hex B allowance and doesn’t count towards syns due to its fibre content, this is most high fibre bread or wholemeal bread.

Standard white bread from Warburtons does have a syn count ranging from 3.5-5.5 syns due to its carbohydrates and sugar content which has little fibre.

For the healthy option, we would recommend switching from white bread to brown bread or wholemeal, brown bread still counts as syns but has less sugar than white bread.

Wholemeal bread can be used as your Hex B so will not eat up your syn allowance, however, you should still be careful to not exceed your healthy extra B allowance as this is limited to two small slices or one large.

Warburtons Bread Syns

If you are interested in seeing which bread from Warburtons is the lowest in syns we have listed their whole range of bread below with their syn values.

  • Warburtons wholemeal bread - 2.5 syns 400g (Or Hex B).
  • Warburtons brown bread - 3 syns 400g.
  • Warburtons medium white bread - 3.5Syn 400g.
  • Warburtons toastie white bread - 3.5 syns 400g.
  • Warburtons soft farmhouse white bread - 3.5 syns.
  • Warburtons crusty bread - 4 syns per 400g.
  • Warburtons seeded brad - 4 syns per 400g.
  • Warburtons tiger white bread - 4.5 syns 600g.
  • Warburtons half and half white bread - 4.5 syns 750g.
  • Warburtons wholemeal bread - 4.5 800g (Hex B).
  • Warburtons soft brown farmhouse bread. - 5 syns 800g.
  • Warburtons soft white farmhouse bread - 5 syns 800g.

Low Syn Alternatives To Warburtons White Bread

To avoid spending syns on a slice of white bread we would recommend looking at some lower syn alternatives from other brands which we will list below, we have also included a shortlist of bread types that count towards your Hex B if you want to save even more syns.

  • Hovis soft white thick bread - 6 syns per slice.
  • Tesco crusty farmhouse bread - 5 syns a slice.
  • Kingsmill soft white medium bread - 5 syns a slice.
  • Hovis white bread - 3 syns a slice.
  • M&S soft white farmhouse bread - 6.5 syns a slice.
  • Genius toasties white bread - 4 syns a slice.

Hex B Bread

  • Rye bread.
  • Small wholemeal bread roll.
  • 1 slice of a large wholemeal loaf.
  • Two medium slices of wholemeal bread small loaf.
  • Seed wholemeal bread.
  • High fibre white bread gluten-free.

Final Words

To conclude, no matter the white bread you choose it will always have 3-5 syns per slice and has to be counted for you to not exceed your daily syn allowance. You should consider the toppings for your bread too as this will quickly add up in syns.

We would suggest switching out white bread to wholemeal bread when possible so as you can use it as your HexB or choose high fibre white bread instead of normal bread.

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