How Many Syns In A Naan Bread? Find Out Here + Alternatives!

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1 February, 2023

How Many Syns In A Naan Bread? Can I Have It On Slimming World? - Our Unofficial Slimming World Syn Guide

If you are ordering an Indian takeaway or want to pair your homemade curry with some Naan bread as a side, it's important to make sure you are synning your naan bread on the slimming world plan so you can stay on track with your syns.

Can I Have Naan Bread On The Slimming World?

Naan bread has varying syns according to flavour of the naan you buy and size, on average you can expect a whole naan to have around 13-15 syns, when halved this will be 6-8 syns a portion, making it high in syns.

We've discussed in more detail below why naans are high in syns, some syn values and our SW recipe for making your own syn-free naan at home!

Why Is Naan Bread So High In Syns?

At around half of your daily syn allowance for half a naan bread, this type of bread can quickly add up with the syns in your curry (check out our Indian takeaway syn list here) if you are not careful, but why is naan bread so high in syns?

Naan breads get their high syn value from the starchy carbs, extra ingredients in this bread like butter and other flavors can also add lots of calories.

This doesn't mean you can't enjoy the occasional naan on the SW plan, but we suggest opting for mini naans which will keep your portion size low, these have around 6.5 syns.

Syn Values Of Naan Bread

Naans will have varying syns according to the size and ingredients, so as you can compare syns we've listed some popular brands below along with their syns.

Syn Values Of Naan Bread
  • Tesco Mini Naan Breads 188g - 6.5 syns.
  •  Aldi Bilash 2 Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads 260g - 16.5 syns per naan.
  •  Tesco Plain Naan Breads 260g - 9 syns.
  •  Tesco Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads 260g - 9 syns.
  •  Clay Oven Bakery 2 Hand-Stretched Authentic Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads - 13 syns for 100g.
  •  Lidl Rowan Hill 6 Mini Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads 300g - 6.5 syns.
  •  Lidl Rowan Hill Bakery 6 Mini Peshwari Naan Breads 300g - 7 syns.
  •  Co Op Indian Style 4 Garlic & Coriander Mini Naan Breads - 9.5 syns.
  •  Aldi Inspired Cuisine 6 Plain Mini Naan Breads 282g - 6 syns.
  •  Lidl Rowan Hill 2 Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads 260g - 16.5 syns.
  •  Patak's Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads x 2 - 15 syns for 100g.
  •  WW 4 Mini Naan Breads Garlic & Coriander - 5.5 syns.
  •  Tesco 2 Naan Breads 320g - 14.5 syns.
  •  Co-op Indian Style 2 Plain Naan Breads - 15 syns for 100g.

Our SW Naan Bread Recipe

If you are craving some naan with your curry but don't want to spend a crazy amount of syns having one, why not make your own slimming world-friendly naan? This recipe only has 5 syns per naan too!


  • 155g of flour.
  •  Pinch of salt.
  •  Two teaspoons of baking powder.
  •  Two garlic cloves.
  •  185g of fat-free Greek yoghurt.
  •  Half a spoon of butter.
  •  Coriander.
  •  Low cal cooking spray.


  1. Start by combining the flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl then take the Greek yoghurt and add into the same bowl with one of your garlic cloves, and stir.
  2.  Now take the dough and divide it into six balls, roll it into the naan bread shapes then place on a hot pan for around 3 minutes on each side taking care not to burn them, brush with garlic, coriander and butter to finish.
Our SW Naan Bread Recipe

Final Words

Overall, naan breads can be very high in syns, with some consuming your whole 15 daily syn allowance for the whole bread.

To save syns we recommend choosing mini naans which are smaller in size or making your own which are more syn friendly by switching out regular ingredients for options like syn free yoghurt.

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