Indian Takeaway Syns: Find Out How Many Syns Your Favorite Dishes Are

Updated on 
31 July, 2023

Indian Takeaway Syns: Your Guide to Enjoying Your Favorite Dishes Without Derailling Your Slimming World Plan

Everyone loves a tasty Friday night Indian takeaway, however, if your following slimming world it can be a little difficult to known the syns of what your eating in your meal.

Sometimes all the sauces and sides can become confusing, and you might find yourself ordering the most unhealthy dishes to try and be healthy.

Well, not to worry, we have put together a useful list below so as you can have an idea of the approx syns that will be in your Indian takeaway, and enjoy your meal as part of your diet plan.

So without further ado, let's get into it!

Highest Indian Takeaway Syns (14 & Over)


  • Chicken Tikka Masala (360g) - 14.5 syns.
  • Chicken Makhani (380g) - 16.5 syns. 
  • Chicken Korma (360g) - 16.5 syns. 
  • Chicken Pasanda (370g) - 20 syns. 


  • Prawn Biriyani (425g) - 15 syns. 


  • Vegetable Korma (380g) - 15 syns. 


  • Lamb Biriyani (450g) - 20.5 syns. 
  • Lamb Pasanda (350g) - 21.5 syns. 

Side Dishes

  • Naan bread Peshwari per piece - 19.5 syns.
  • Nann bread plain per piece - 20 syns. 
  • Nann bread garlic per piece - 20 syns.

Medium Indian Takeaway Syns (8 -14 syns)

Freshly cooked Chapati


  • Chicken Jalfrezi (350g) - 8.5 syns. 
  • Chicken Kashmiri (350g) - 9.5 syns. 
  • Chicken Saag (360g) - 11 syns. 
  • Chicken Tandoori (340g) - 9 syns. 
  • Chicken Vindaloo (360g) - 8 syns. 
  • Chicken Buhana (330g) - 11 syns. 
  • Chicken Biryani (380g) - 12.5 syns. 
  • Chicken Tikka Balti (375g) - 11.5 syns.


  • Prawn Bhuna (380g) - 10 syns. 


  • Veggie Biriyani (420g) - 11.5 syns. 
  • Vegetable curry (380g) - 9 syns. 


  • Lamb Bhuna (350g) - 12 syns. 

Side Dishes

  • Chapati - 9 syns. 
  • Onion Bhaji - 8.5 syns. 

Lowest Indian Takeaway Syns (Less Than 8)

Lamb Rogan Josh Indian Food


  • Chicken Dhansak (350g) - 6.5 syns. 


  • Vegetable Samosas x2 - 7.5 Syns
  • Veg Jalfrezi (375g) - 7.5 syns. 
  • Dhal (360g) - 5 syns.


  • Lam Rogan Josh (350g) - 6.5 syns. 

Side Dishes

  • Chicken Pakora - 2 syns. 
  • Meat samosa - 6 syns.
  • Tbsp of mango chutney2 syns.
  • Tbsp of a lime pickle - 1.5 syns. 
  • Poppadums - 4 syns. 
  • Pilau - 2.5 syns.
  • Veg samosa - 5 syns.
  • Veg pakora - 3 syns.
  • Plain rice - SYN FREE.


As you can probably tell, the worst options you can consider syn-wise if your order an Indian is the chicken and lamb pasanda's or the lamb biriyani, you should also probably give the naans a miss.

Healthy options to look for on your takeaway menu are veggie dishes, chicken Dhansak or the Rogan Josh. For sides, you could consider poppadums or pilau rice.

Tips For Choosing Healthy Indian Takeout Meals

Having an Indian takeaway doesn't mean you can't eat smart and healthy, with a few different choices you are on your way to having a low fat and healthy takeaway.

We have listed out some fantastic tips below to consider if you want to choose some healthier options when ordering your Indian takeaway.

  • Try Paneer - Paneer is a healthy and filling option to choose in your curry, these curries often come with spinach too making them much more nutritional than other curries.
  • Don't go for the cream - Avoid creamy dishes like korma as these can often be higher in fat, also bypass creamy sauces for your naan and bhajis and opt for a yoghurt dip instead.
  • Be mindful with rice - It can be easy to overdo it with rice and curry, especially if you have a large tasty curry sauce that you want to eat up, however, its important to only serve as much as you need.
  • Choose fresher options - Some bites and dishes on your menu are fried which makes them very unhealthy, samosas, for example, are deep-fried, so it might be better to opt for a lighter side or bite like a salad to go with your curry.
  • Try a different carb - You don't have to eat rice with your curry, some other carbs to choose from are Rotis and papadums rather than naan bread which can hold a lot of empty calories.
  • Choose a tomato-based dish - Great tomato-based Indian dishes include Rogan Josh and are much healthier than cream-based sauces.
  • Look for grilled, not fried protein - Anything that says tandoori next to its protein is a great option rather than fried meat, tandoori tends to just mean grilled which is much healthier than frying.
  • Go for dal - Dal is lentils, and are a great vegetarian alternative to meat-based curry sauces, keeping fat down low and providing a great source of protein too.
  • Half the portions - Biriyanis and vindaloos tend to come as a very large portion, meaning you could probably get away with ordering one and splitting it between two people, saving you money and keeping your portion size in control.
  • Try the kebabs - Kebabs have relatively little sauce and are high in protein, making them a great healthy option to consider when ordering as they often come with veg too.

Our Last Words

With our slimming world syn list and healthy eating tips, there's no reason why you can't indulge in a healthy Indian takeaway now and then, as long as you make the healthier choices, it certainly won't affect your diet and nutrition either.

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