How Many Syns In Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts? & Low Syn Alternatives

Updated on 
17 October, 2021

Can I Eat Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts On The Slimming World Diet?

Mr Kipling's cakes have to be a favourite treat for many of us, but as their cakes are not syn free, you might be wondering just how many syns does a Bakewell tart from Mr Kipling have?

Well, one Bakewell tart slice from Mr Kipling will cost you 10.5 syns, so should only be had as an occasional treat on your slimming world plan.

However, there are some lower syn Mr Kipling treats you can have which we will list below, as well as some other alternative low syn cake treats. We will also include a slimming world friendly low syn Bakewell tart recipe for you to try making at home. 

Do Mr Kipling's Cakes Have A Lot Of Syns?

The Bakewell tarts from Mr Kipling's do have a fair amount of syns and will take over half your daily syn allowance for just one tart, not all of their cakes are so high in syns however, we will list some below which are lower in syns if you feel like something sweet

  • Mr Kipling's Choco Chip Cake Slices - 5 syns.
  • Mr Kipling's Strawb Fancies - 5 syns.
  • Mr Kipling's St Clement's Bites- 5.5 syns.
  • Mr Kipling's Treacle And Custard Slices - 6 syns.
  • Mr Kipling's Raspberry Cake Slices - 4 syns.
  • Mr Kipling's Strawberry Cake Slices - 4 syns.
  • Mr Kipling's Bramley Apple Pies - 10.5 syns.
  • Mr Kipling Fruity Pies Selection - 10.5 syns.

Low Syn Alternatives To Mr Kipling's 

Since Mr Kipling cakes are quite high in syns, you might be looking for some lower syn alternatives to help you fix your sweet tooth, we've listed a few below for you to check out from other brands. 

  • Banana Cake By Graze - 3 syns.
  • Black Forest Brownie By Graze With Cherry - 4 syns.
  • Graze Carrot Cake - 4 syns.
  • Raspberry Bakewell Slice By Graze - 6 syns.
  • The Graze Chocolate Brownie - 5.5 syns.
  • Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownie each serving - 4 syns.
  • Fibre One Lemon Drizzle Square each serving - 4 syns.
  • Fibre One 90 Cal Cinnamon Drizzle per bar - 4 syns.
  • Fibre One 90 Cal Carrot Cake per bar - 4 syns.
  • Fibre One Salted Cake Caramel per bar - 4 syns.
  • Fibre One Low Calorie Triple Chocolate per cake - 4 syns.
  • Co-op Chocolate & Salted Caramel bites (14 pack) per bite - 3 syns. 
  • Cadbury Caramel Cake Bites - 3 syns
  • Cadbury Fudge Cake Bites - 3 syns
  • Cadbury Jaffa Cake Bar - 5 syns per bar.
  • Cadbury Choco Mini Rolls - 6 syns a roll.
  • Marks & Spencer Tea Cake Mini Bites - 1.5 syns per bite.
  • Sainsbury's Fruit Cake Bites 9 pack - 2.5 syns per bite.
  • Tesco Brand Millionaire's Cake Bites - 3 syns each.
  • Soreen Banana Lunchbox Loaves (per loaf) - 5 syns.
  • Thornton's Mini Chocolate Caramel Cake Bites (pack of 10) - 4 syns per bite.
  • Triple Toffee Layer Cake Bites From Thornton's- 2.5 syns per bite.
  • Thornton's Triple Toffee Cake Bites - 5 syns per bite.
  • Sticky Toffee Cake by Thornton's (pack of five) - 5.5 syns for each slice.

Slimming World Bakewell Tart Recipe

If you are really looking to save some syns you could always make your own Bakewell tart at home with our slimming world recipe below. 

This recipe makes two cakes and has 1 syn each if you are using the oats as your Healthy Extra B and milk as your Healthy Extra A and 4 syns if not.


  • 45g Porridge Oats.
  • 50ml of milk.
  • One egg.
  • 1 tsp of almond extract.
  • Two tablespoons of sweetener.
  • Two tsp of strawberry jam.
  • 1 Glace Cherry (halved).
  • Two tbsp of quark. 
  • 1 tsp of vanilla essence. 
  • Two spoons of sweetener (for the icing).


  • Step one - Mix your oats, eggs, sweetener milk and almond extract in a bowl together then divide between two cupcake cases.
  • Step two - Place a tsp of your jam into the centre of each cupcake case then bake at 180 degrees until golden, this will take around 15 minutes.
  • Step three - Allow the tarts to cool then mix the quark, sweetener and vanilla extract together and let it thicken in the fridge. 
  • Step four - Once the cakes are cool you can top with your icing and a glace cherry to finish.

Last Words

To conclude, Mr Kipling Bakewell tarts are very high in syns and should only be enjoyed now and then as a treat on the slimming world plan. The typical values of other Mr Kipling cakes however are not too high in syns, we would suggest only avoiding the pies. 

You can always make your own healthy Bakewell tart with our recipe above too to save syns and get your healthy extras B and A in too!

Jennifer is a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach with a Master's in Nutrition from Cambridge. With over 10 years experience, she shares healthy recipes and science-backed slimming tips on SheCooksSheEats to help people reach their wellness goals. Jennifer stays up-to-date by regularly attending conferences and continuing her nutrition education. She aims to provide research-backed advice to inspire balanced, happy living.
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