How Many Syns In Midget Gems? Find Out Here!

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26 June, 2022

Are Midget Gems High In Syns? - Our Guide

Midget gems are a classic sweet to snack on when you feel like something sugary, but since these mini sweets are high in sugar, you need to make sure you're synning them on the slimming world.

Are Midget Gems High In Syns?

Midget gems have on average 4 syns for 25g no matter the brand of the sweet that you choose, making them moderate in syns, we would suggest measuring out your portion in order to stay on track with your weight loss.

We've composed a short guide below which will discuss how many Midget Gems you can have on the slimming world plan, syn values of midget gems, as well as some low syn alternative sweets.

How Many Midget Gems Can I Eat On Slimming World?

At 4 syns for 25g, you could have up to 100g of midget gems before using all of your 15 syn daily allowance, making them an ideal sweet snack to have if you are looking for a large portion size.

Still, for their small size, these midget gems are high in syns and sugar, having 13g of sugar for just 25g, which is nearly half of the recommended intake of sugar each day.

We would suggest weighing out your portion of midget gems rather than guessing the portion to stay on better track with your syns.

Syn Values Of Midget Gems

Midget gems have a range of different syns according to the brand you buy them from, to help you out, we've listed all of their syn values down below so you can compare.

Syn Values Of Midget Gems
  • Maynards Bassetts Midget Gems Sweets Bag 160g - 4 syns for 25g.
  • Tesco Ms Molly's Midget Gems 200g - 4.5 syns for 25g.
  • Aldi Dominion Midget Gems 200g - 4.5 syns.
  • Lion Original Hard Midget Gems 150g - 0.5 syns a sweet.
  • Lidl Sweet Corner Midget Gems 200g - 4 syns.
  • Asda Midget Gems 160g - 4 syns.
  • Free From Fellows Sugar Free Midget Gems 70g - 0.5 syns a sweet.
  • Tesco Midget Gems 200g - 4 syns.
  • Sainsbury's Midget Gems 250g - 2 syns for 4 sweets.
  • Co-op Midget Gems Fruit Flavour Gums 175g - 5 syns.
  • Morrisons Midget Gems 190g - 4 syns.
  • M&S Midget Gems 180g - 0.5 syns.
  • Spar Midget Gems 180g - 4 syns.
  • Free From Fellows Sugar Free Midget Gems 100g - 0.5 syns.
  • Aldi Dominion Midget Gems 110g - 2.5 syns.
  • Jack's Midget Gems 200g - 4 syns.
  • Bonds of London Sweetshop Favourites Midget Gems 150g - 4 syns.

Low Syn Alternatives To Midget Gems

If you find midget gems to be too high in syns and you are looking for a low syn alternative we've got some other sweets for you to check out below.

  • Skittles Fruits Sweets Bag 18g - 3.5 syns a serving.
  • Lidl Sugarland Party Mix Sweets 425g - 3.5 syns a serving.
  • Starburst Original Fruit Chews Sweets 45g - 9 syns for the whole pack.
  • Maynards Bassetts Soft Jellies Fizzy Fish Sweets Bag 160g - 4.5 syns for four.
  • Aldi Dominion Fruit Chews Sweets 450g - 5 syns for four.
  • Tesco Fizzy Multicolour Sweet Belt 75G - 5 syns for 5 belts.
  • The Natural Confectionery Co. Jelly Snakes Sweets Bag 160g - 4.5 syns for three.
  • Tesco Jelly Babies 250G - 4.5 syns for 25.
  • Rowntree's Jelly Tots Sweets Bag 42g - 2 syns for 7 sweets.
  • Barratt Refreshers 34g - 6.5 syns a pack.
  • M&S Colin The Caterpillar Sweets - 2 syns a sweet.
  • Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon Gourmet Sweets 54g - 8.5 syns for the pack.
  • Aldi Dominion Sour Watermelon Gummy Sweets 120g - 1.5 syns a sweet.
  • Aldi Dominion Sugar-Free Soft Foams Sweets 75g - 3 syns a serving.
  • M&S Percy Pig Phizzy Chews Sweets 150g - 6.5 syns.
Low Syn Alternatives To Midget Gems

Last Words

Overall, Midget gems are high in syns, having 4 syns for just 25g, make sure you eat these sweets in moderation and measure your portion in order to stay on track with your syns, you could have up to four portions before using all of your daily syn allowance.

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