How Many Syns In Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks? Find Out Here!

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13 November, 2021

Are Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks Syn Free?

Finding healthy low syn snacks on the go is not easy, making it useful to have bars on hand when you need a snack rather than reaching for unhealthy convenience food.

Since Go Ahead yogurt bars are not syn free on the slimming world plan this means you have to track them. There syns value from flavour to flavour but on average they are 3.5 syns a slice, meaning a pack of two would set you back 7 syns in total.

In our short guide below we will go over the other syn values of Go Ahead yoghurt bars plus some low syn alternatives for on the go quick snacks.

Why Are Go Ahead Yogurt Bars High In Syns?

You might be surprised to learn that Go Ahead yogurt bars have quite a few syns even though they are advertised as being healthy, this is because although they are made of natural ingredients they have a lot of sugar from concentrated fruit paste as well as fat from the milk powder inside.

If you were to have two of these bars it would set you back nearly over half of your daily syn allowance, so they should only be had in moderation.

Go Ahead Yoghurt Bars Syn Values

Below we will list the syn values of each of Go Ahead's yoghurt bars as well as the values of their other range to see which is the lowest syn snack from the brand.

  • Mcvitie Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks Strawberry - 3.5 syns per bar.
  • Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks Forest Fruit - 3.5 syns.
  • Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks Red Cherry - 3.5 syns.
  • Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks Raspberry - 3.5 syns.
  • Mcvitie Go Ahead Strawberry Bakes - 6 syns per bake.
  • Go Ahead Crispy Forest Fruit Slices - 3 syns slice.
  • Go Ahead Raspberry - 3 syns slice.
  • Go Ahead Apple & Sultana - 3 syns a slice.
  • Go Ahead Apple Bakes - 6 syns per bake.

Low Syn Alternatives To Go Ahead Yoghurt Bars

Go Ahead yoghurt bars are quite high in syns so it's worth seeing if there are other low syn alternatives on the market to choose from if you are looking for on the go convenient healthy snacks.

  • Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt Cereal Bars - 6 syns per bar.
  • Alpen Protein Cereal Bars Berries & Yoghurt - 6 syns per bar.
  • Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal Milk Bars - 4 syns.
  • Graze Lemon & Blueberry Super Bites - 6.5 syns per bite.
  • Graze Cocoa & Vanilla Bar - 6.5 syns per bite.
  • Nature Valley Protein Salted Caramel Nut Bars - 10 syns per bar.
  • Belvita Soft Bakes Chocolate Chip - 10 syns per biscuits pack.
  • Kind Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter Bar - 13 syns per bar.
  • Eat Natural Yogurt Almond & Apricot Bars - 12 syns per bar.
  • Tesco Summer Fruits Cereal Bars - 3 syns per bar.
  • Tesco 6 Strawberry Fruity Bakes - 7 syns per bar.
  • YAAR Nordic Yogurt Bar Vanilla - 7 syns a bar.
  • Kellogg's Coco Pops Cereal Milk Bars - 4 syns a bar.

Last Words

To conclude, Go Ahead yoghurt bars should only be had in moderation on the slimming world plan as they are quite high in syns due to the fat and sugar content from the fruit paste and yoghurt. We would suggest choosing a low syn alternative or even carrying fruits with your for a quick syn free snack if needed.

Always try to choose on the go bars with a low sugar content as the dried fruit and fruit paste within these bars can add unneeded syns.

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