How Many Syns In A Glass Of Port? Find Out Here!

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15 May, 2022

Is Port High In Syns On Slimming World?

If you are planning to indulge in some port and cheese or as a sweet dessert on the weekend, you might be wondering just how many syns this strong wine has on the SW plan?

Port has on average 4 syns for 50ml, making it very high in syns for a small amount, you want to make sure you mindfully indulge in port to avoid using up too many syns and always measure your pour.

How Many Syns In A Glass Of Port?

Down below, we will discuss what makes port so high in syns and some syn values of wine, in general, to help you stay on track with your drinking.

Why Is Port Wine So High In Syns?

At just 4 syns for 50ml, Port is high in syns, which is why it should be consumed only in small amounts. This fortified wine is high in alcohol and very heavy/sweet which is what makes it high in syns, it has twice the number of calories in red wine and three times the amount of white wine.

You could have up to 150 ml of port before using up your syn allowance, but since it's high in percentage, it's best consumed in smaller amounts before reaching what slimming worlders call the 'tipping point' since this can cause people to overeat.

General Syn Values Of Wine

Port is a type of fortified wine, but other wines vary in syns, we've listed some general syn values down below to help you compare.

  • Red wine - 5 syns for 125ml.
  • Rose wine - 5 syns for 125ml.
  • Tesco Dessert Wine 50cl - 7.5 syns for 100ml.
  • Asda Moscatel de Valencia Sweet Dessert Wine 75cl - 6 syns for 100ml.
  • Rose wine - 5 syns for 125ml.
  • Mulled wine - 10 syns for 125ml.
  • Sparkling White Wine - 5 syns for 125ml.
  • Dry white wine - 5 syns for 125ml.
How Many Syns In A Glass Of Port?

Does The Percentage Of Wine Change Syn Values?

Alcohol, in general, contains 7 calories a gram, so the higher the percentage of your wine, then the more syns it will consume, since it will be higher in calories. For example, 100ml of 11% red wine has about 3.5 syns while a 13% red wine has 4 - 4.5 syns.

When wanting to save syns while drinking, you're better off choosing a lower percentage drink and having high percentage drinks like port and spirits occasionally as a treat.

Tips For Drinking On The Slimming World Plan

One of the best parts about the slimming world diet is that you are not restricted when it comes to what you eat or drink, you just have to make sure your drinks or snacks fit within your 15 syn daily allowances on the plan to avoid weight gain.

We've listed a few tips for smarter drinking on the plan below.

  • Measure properly - It can be tempting to just pour from the bottle when you are at home rather than measuring out your alcohol, but making an effort to measure your drinks keeps you within your syns.
  • Eat beforehand - Having a meal before drinking allows you to make wiser decisions and often leads you to drink less.
  • Stay hydrated - Alternate your drinks with a glass of water and keep hydrated, this stops you from drinking too much and too fast.
  • Choose lighter versions - Nowadays, you can find lighter options of most alcoholic beer, and for drinks like wine, try choosing a lower percentage option since this will be lower in syns.
  • Often and little - If you are used to drinking a lot on the weekend, it might be better to have a drink or two on other days than a few days of alcohol-free, this stops the likelihood of a binge drinking pattern on the weekends and reduces the chance of you going over your syns.
How Many Syns In A Glass Of Port?

Should I Drink Port On Slimming World?

Overall, there is no reason as to why you can't enjoy some port occasionally on the SW plan as long as you have some syns to spare, just always ensure you measure out your port and consume the rich drink in moderation.

To reduce syns, we suggest drinking a lighter red wine as a substitute which will have 2x less the syns than port.

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