How Many Syns In Agave Syrup? Find Out Here!

Updated on 
5 April, 2022

Is Agave Syrup Syn Free On Slimming World?

Agave syrup is a great low cal sweetener in comparison to honey and can be drizzled over cereal, porridge and yoghurt, but how many syns does this syrup have on the slimming world?

Agave syrup has 0.5 syns in per teaspoon making it an excellent syn friendly sweetener that is more natural than other sweeteners such as stevia.

To help you out we've put together a guide below to discuss why Agave syrup is low in syns, how it compares to sugar and some low syn alternatives from other brands.

Why Is Agave Syrup So Low In Syns?

At just 0.5 syns per teaspoon, agave syrup is very low in syns, you would need to have up to 10 teaspoons before you even reach the 5 syn mark, it makes an excellent sweetener for drinks, yoghurt and porridge.

Agave is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar so you need less of it to achieve the same sweetness which works out well for weight loss.

How Does Agave Syrup Compare To Sugar?

Sugar itself has 16 calories, so there is not much difference to agave, except agave is sweeter. The only issue with agave is that contains fructose, which is warned not to be eaten in excess since it is processed differently from glucose in sugar, putting pressure on the liver.

Low Syn Alternatives To Agave Syrup

If you are not a fan of how agave syrup tastes then it might be worth checking out a low syn alternative, we've listed a few below.

  • Skinny Food Co Skinny Syrup - 0.5 syns.
  • Sweet Freedom Chocolate Pot 250G Chocolate Spread - 0.5 syns.
  • Skinny Food Co Skinny Sauce - 0.5 syns.
  • Skinny Food Co Flavour Drops - SYN FREE.
  • The Coffee and Sweetener Skinny Food Co - SYN FREE.
  • Sweet Freedom Chocolate Shot Liquid Chocolate 320G - 0.5 syns.

Last Words

To conclude, agave syrup is very low in syns at just 0.5 syns a teaspoon, we would not suggest using the sweetener in excess however since fructose can be harsh on the body compared to glucose, it is a great alternative to chemical sweeteners however and could help with weight loss.

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