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How Many Syns In Butter (& Bread)? Find Out Here!
Published: 25 September, 2021 
September 30, 2021 by

Does Butter Have a Lot Of Syns? (Our Guide)

There's nothing better than some warm toast with butter, or maybe you want to add butter into a cooking sauce or baking recipe, but before you do, you have to account for its syns, as butter is not free food. 

Butter changes its syns according to the brand and serving size of butter you have, but on average, butter is said to have around 9 syns per 25g of butter, if paired with a slice of brown bread, you can keep the bread as your Healthy Extra B.

We have gone into some more detail below about the different types of butter and their syns, as well as some tips for using butter on the SW diet. 

How Many Syns Do Other Spreads Have?

Nowadays, butter comes in a huge range of types and brands, from non-salted to salted, to Anchor or Flora, and these all have different syn values too. 

We have listed a few spread types below with their syn values so as you can get a feel for what you should be having on the SW plan without going over your syns. 

  • Anchor original - 8 syns for 20g.
  • Anchor light - 6 syns for 20g. 
  • Clover - 6 syns for 20g. 
  • Morrison's salted butter - 6 syns for 20g. 
  • Bertolli Spread, Light 1 level tbsp - 2 1/2 syns.

The Best Subs For Butter & Tips On The Slimming World Plan 

If you've been a lover of butter your whole life, whether, on sandwiches or toast, you might not feel complete without it, but as the syns on butter are pretty high, they can consume a high amount of your syn allowance without you knowing. 

We have put together a list of our best butter substitutes and tricks for the Slimming World plan below. 

  • Use quark - Some slimming world users use quark instead of butter on toast and sandwiches to thicken their food out and make it seem like butter, quark is free food on the SW diet so you don't have to spend any of your precious syns!
  • Try butter buds - Butter buds are available at some supermarkets, it is essentially low-fat butter is packaged into small amounts, this is a way to make sure you are not overserving the amount of butter you need on your bread.
  • Go for unsalted types of butter - Unsalted butter is much better for you, although it might not be better in fat content, it is better in salt content which is still just as important for blood pressure and health.
  • Cream cheese - You can get dairy laughing cow triangles or light Philadelphia and use this as a spread instead of butter, they do have syns but are considerably less than regular butter has.
  • Look for simple ingredients - Try to find butter without artificial flavourings or preservatives, always opt for the brand that uses natural ingredients such as vinegar to preserve it instead.  
  • Check the trans fat - Believe it or not, diet kinds of butter can often have an extra high level of trans fat which has negative health effects, making it worse than the saturated fat found in regular butter.
  • Try plant-based spread - Plant-based spreads with bases of olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil make a great sub for normal butter, they are still full of flavour and use natural ingredients too!

Final Words 

Overall, butter can be eaten on the slimming world diet plan but it has to be had in moderation, meaning no more than a tablespoon which comes in at 2.5 syns. You can always opt for lighter butter which is lower syns, omit butter altogether or try plant-based spreads instead which have simpler ingredients and are often healthier too!

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