How Many Syns In Butter (& Bread)? Find Out Here!

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2 June, 2022

Is Butter High In Syns? - Our Guide

In order to lose weight properly in the slimming world, you have to make sure you are synning everything which isn't free food, including that thin spread of butter on your morning toast, but how many syns does butter have on slimming world?

Well, butter varies in syns according to fat percentage and type, but the average full-fat butter has 2.5 syns in for a 7g spread, when paired with white toast this can be up to 7 syns which is half of your daily syn allowance.

In our guide below, we will take you through the different syn values of butter types with some low syn alternatives to help you stay on track on the slimming world plan.

How Many Syns Are In Full Fat Butter?

To begin with, let's start with full fat butter, this on average has 2.5 syns a spread making it high in syns, you would need to be ensuring that you measure out your butter to keep on top of your syns.

When paired with white bread you're looking at 7 syns, for brown bread the same, unless you choose wholemeal bread which can be used as your healthy extra B fibre allowance to help keep syns low.

We've listed some syn values of full fat butter below.

  • Clover Spread 500g - 3 syns.
  • Tesco English Unsalted Block Butter 250G - 4 syns for two teaspoons.
  • Tesco Organic Butter 250G - 4 syns.
  • Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter 250g - 2.5 syns.
  • Lurpak Unsalted Block Butter 250G - 2 syns.

How Many Syns Are In Light/Low Fat Butter?

Light/low fat butter is a great alternative to full fat butter if you want to try and keep syns low, you can on average expect this type of butter to have 1 syn for a 7g spread and when spread on white bread it can have up to 5.5 syns.

We've listed some syn values of light butter below.

  • Tesco Buttery Spread 30% Less Fat 500G - 1.5 syns for two teaspoons.
  • Flora Light Spread 1Kg - 1 syn.
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light Spread 450G - 0.5 syns.

How Many Syns Are In Lurpak Butter?

If you use Lurpak butter, you will also need to ensure your synning this butter to keep on track with your weight loss on the plan, Lurpak typically blends their butter with veggie oil to help keep syns low, on average their butter has 2 syns for their light version and 4 syns for their full fat.

We've listed their syn values below.

  • Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted Butter Blended with Rapeseed Oil 500g - 2 syns.
  • Lurpak Lighter Spreadable Blend of Butter and Rapeseed Oil 250g - 1.5 syns.
  • Lurpak Unsalted Spreadable Blend of Butter and Rapeseed Oil 500g - 2 syns.
  • Lurpak Softest Spreadable Blend of Butter and Rapeseed Oil 500g - 2 syns.
  • Lurpak Olive Spreadable Blend of Butter, Olive Oil, and Rapeseed Oil 500g - 2 syns.
  • Lurpak Slightly Salted Butter Portions 100 x 10g - 4 syns a portion.

How Many Syns Are In Clover Light Butter?

Clover light butter is a good low syn alternative to full-fat butter, having 2.5 syns for a 10g spread and 1 syn for a 5g spread, they also have their lighter than light options which have only 2 syns for a 10g serving.

We've listed some syn values to help you out below.

  • Clover Light Spread 500g - 2.5 syns.
  • Clover Spread 500g - 3 syns.
  • Clover Lighter Than Light Spread 500g - 2 syns.

How Many Syns Are In Dairy Free Butter?

If you don't take dairy or you are trying to avoid it in your diet, you might be curious as to how many syns dairy-free butter has?

This depends on the ingredients and the brand but on average expect dairy-free butter to have 2.5-3 syns a portion, making it a healthier alternative to full fat dairy butter.

We've listed a few syn values of different brands below.

  • Flora Plant B+tter Salted Vegan Alternative to Butter 250g - 2.5 syns.
  • Flora Plant B+tter Unsalted Vegan Alternative to Butter 250g - 2.5 syns.
  • Vitalite Dairy Free Spread 500g - 1 syn.
  • Pure Dairy Free Buttery Taste 500g - 3 syns.

Final Words

Overall, butter always has around 3-4 syns for a full fat version and thin spread, to reduce syns we recommend opting for a low fat spread which only has 1 syn a spread or some plant-based options which range between 1-3 syns.

How Many Syns In Butter (& Bread)?

No matter the spread or butter you choose, always measure out your serving, butter can be easy to overeat depending on your spread and use more syns than you think.

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