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Is Ham Syn Free On Slimming World? Find Out Here!

Updated on 
28 June, 2022

Can I Eat Ham On Slimming World? Is It Syn Friendly?

Ham makes a great snack and a staple sandwich filler, most lean protein is also syn free on the slimming world, but what about ham? Does it have syns?

Can I Eat Ham On Slimming World?

Ham is indeed syn free in the slimming world as long as it is non-processed with the fat removed, some processed hams with extra add-ins might have syns on the slimming world so it's always a good idea to be double-checking.

We've put together a short guide below which will take you through why ham is syn free, some syn values and low syn alternatives for some other easy cold meat snacks.

Why Is Ham Syn Free On Slimming World?

Ham is syn free in the slimming world because it's thin and lean with most of the fat being removed. You could use ham in wholemeal bread for a healthy slimming world sandwich or even just as a snack on its own.

We would be wary of ham which is processed, honey roasted, or smoked, since this can sometimes have hidden syns. All lean meats on the slimming world are considered to be syn free.

Syn Values Of Ham

Most ham is syn free on the slimming world, but to keep you on track we've listed some syn values of various types of ham down below.

Syn Values Of Ham
  • Parma Ham - 2 syns.
  • Aldi Ashfield Farm Cooked Ham Slices 300g - Syn free.
  • Tesco Prime Cuts Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham 8 Slices 125g - Syn free.
  • Tesco Eastman's Deli Foods Proper Tasty Wafer Thin Cooked Ham Slices 400g - Syn free.
  • Asda Honey Roast Ham Wafer Thin 200g - Syn free.
  • Asda Finely Sliced Oven Baked Dry Cured Ham 120g - Syn free.
  • Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Wafer Thin Air Dried British Ham Slices 120g - Syn free.
  • Morrisons Carvery Oven Baked Ham 7 Slices 150g - Syn free.
  • Morrisons Wafer Thin Smoked Ham 36 Slices 400g - Syn free.

Low Syn Alternatives To Ham

If your getting bored of your usual syn free ham for lunch and your looking for a low syn alternative, we've got you covered with a few options down below.

  • From The Deli Roast Topside Of Beef 4 Slices - Syn free.
  • From The Deli Corned Beef 325G - Syn free.
  • From The Deli Roast Turkey 4 Slices - Syn free.
  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham Wafer Thin 250g - Syn free.
  • Counter Tesco Roast Chicken 4 Slice - Syn free.
  • Tesco Liver Sausage 8 Slices 100G - 2 syns.
  • Tesco Chicken Breast Slices 180g - Syn free.
  • Tesco BBQ Chicken Breast Pieces 180g - 5 syns.
Low Syn Alternatives To Ham

Last Words

Overall, ham is syn free on the slimming world as long as you choose a lean cut, wafer ham is especially very syn friendly, making a great high protein snack or as a sandwich filler. Most lean meat is syn friendly on the slimming world plan, including chicken and beef.

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