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How Many Syns In Night Nurse? Find Out Here!

Updated on 
14 May, 2022

Does Night Nurse Have Syns On Slimming World?

A sleepless night might lead you to take some of your trusty old night nurses, but it might have crossed your mind that this medication could have syns on slimming world.

How Many Syns In Night Nurse?

Night nurse does indeed have syns on the SW plan, with a 30ml dose setting you back 3.5 syns, making it quite high in syns for medication. 

We've discussed below why Night Nurse has syns on the plan, some syn values of other syrup medication and whether or not you should be synning medication on the plan.

Why Does Night Nurse Have Syns?

You might be shocked to learn that a night nurse has 3.5 syns for a dose, but a lot of syrup medications can be high in syns due to the flavourings and sugar inside of them.

For example, the night nurse gets most of its syns from the glucose and sodium inside, it also contains alcohol which is used to aid sleep in combination with the paracetamol.

How Many Syns In Night Nurse?

Syn Values Of Syrup Medication

Night nurse isn't the only syrup type medicine that is high in syns, there are plenty of others to be wary of too which can add sneaky syns into your diet.

  • Benylin - 1 syn serving.
  • Covonia - 2 syns.
  • Calpol sugar free - 1.5 syns.

Should You Be Synning Medication On Slimming World?

Many people debate about whether or not medication like Night Nurse should be synned on the SW plan or if you should skip tracking the syns.

Synning medication is a personal choice, being sick however is a rare occurrence for most of us, so having your cough syrup without synning it would unlikely make a difference in your weight loss in the long run.

How Many Syns In Night Nurse?

Last Words

Overall, Night Nurse is very high in syns, having 3.5 syns a serving, this is due to the added sugar inside of the syrup which leads it to taste better. You do not have to syn your medication on the SW plan, but if you want higher syn medications like Night Nurse this is also a good idea to keep track of where your syns are coming from.

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