How Many Syns In The Heinz Creations Range? Find Out Here!

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22 May, 2022

Is The Heinz Creations Range Slimming World Syn Friendly?

For a quick and easy lunch or even dinner, you might be tempted to stock up on some Heinz creations cans, but since these aren't syn free on slimming world, you need to make sure you know how many syns your meal has.

Heinz creations have different syns according to the type of meal you choose, but most have between 1.5-4 syns for a half a can or pouch of their meal, this makes them fairly low in syns for a quick snack or meal.

How Many Syns In The Heinz Creations Range?

Down below in our guide, we will take you through why Heinz creations are low in syns, their range of syn values as well as some other similar ready meals for when you need a quick and easy syn friendly dinner.

Why Are Heinz Creations Low In Syns?

Some of Heinz Creations meals have between 1 and 1.5 syns a serving, making them very low in syns, this is because they often contain syn free ingredients such as veg or beans, for example, Heinz Creations Spanish beans have 1 syns for the whole pouch, when you look closely at the ingredients this is because they contain simple spices and beans without too many added ingredients.

We suggest being careful with other ready meals on the market, not all are slimming world friendly like Heinz Creations and have hidden ingredients which make them very high in syns, the typical serving size for ready meals is also half or a quarter of the packet, not the full pack.

Heinz Creations Syn Values

As we mentioned above Heinz creations come in a variety of different flavours and types, we've listed their syn values down below to help you out.

  • Heinz Creationz Mexican Beans - 1.5 syns.
  • Heinz Creationz Spanish Beans - 1 syn.
  • Heinz Creationz Italian Beans - 1 syn.
  • Heinz Creationz Lentil Curry - SYN FREE.
  • Heinz Cheddar Cheese Beans - 1.5 syns
  • Heinz Beans Curry - 1.5 syns.
  • Heinz Creationz Creationz Tagine Chickpeas - SYN FREE.
  • Heinz Tuscan Beans - 3.5 syns.
  • Heinz Garlic And Herb Beans - SYN FREE.
  • Heinz Veg Chilli Beans - 2 syns.
  • Heinz Fajita Beans - 1 syn.
  • Heinz Barbecue Beans - SYN FREE.
  • Heinz Chili Beans - SYN FREE.

Low Syn Alternatives To Heinz Creations

How Many Syns In The Heinz Creations Range?

If you are bored of Heinz creations and you're looking for some other slimming world friendly alternatives for when your feeling lazy to cook, we've got you covered with our list below.

  • Asda Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce - SYN FREE.
  • Asda Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Reduced Sugar & Salt - SYN FREE.
  • Asda Baked Beans with 4 Pork Sausages - 2 syns.
  • Asda Chilli Beans in Chilli Sauce- SYN FREE.
  • Asda Good for You, Baked Beans with 8 Pork Sausages- 1.5 syns.
  • Asda Baked Beans & Vegetable Meatballs in Tomato Sauce- 3 syns.
  • Asda Mixed Beans in Tomato Sauce - SYN FREE.
  • Morrisons Baked Beans & Sausages - 7.5 syns.
  • Tesco Chilli Beans in Chilli Sauce- SYN FREE.
  • Iceland teriyaki chicken stir fry pouch - 5.5 syns.
  • Crosse & Blackwell Branston Soya Beans in a Mediterranean Tomato Sauce - SYN FREE.
  • Tesco healthy living red Thai chicken curry - 5.5 syns.
  • Tesco Healthy Eating, Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce - SYN FREE.
  • Old Elpaso refried beans - SYN FREE.
  • Asda chosen by you vegetable chilli - SYN FREE.

Final Words

Overall, Heinz creations are a great low syn meal choice when you require something quick and easy to eat and don't feel like cooking, costing you only between 1-4 syns depending on the meal type you choose.

How Many Syns In The Heinz Creations Range?

We do recommend serving these with some speed veg for extra nutrition to make it a filling meal as well as some carbohydrates such as brown rice or wholewheat pasta.

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