How Many Syns In Cherries? Find Out Here!

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29 May, 2022

Are Cherries Syn Free On Slimming World? - Our Guide!

One of the best parts about the slimming world is that most fruits are syn free, allowing you to eat as much of them as you want without having to track syns.

How Many Syns In Cherries?

Cherries have no syns on the slimming world, making them free food and allowing you to eat them without tracking syns, this means cherries could make an excellent sweet snack or as a topper for desserts. 

In our guide below, we will discuss how many cherries you can eat in the slimming world, some syn values of cherries, the difference between speed fruits and free fruits, other free fruits and some SW recipes using cherries!

How Much Cherries Can I Eat On Slimming World?

Since cherries are a free food on the slimming world you can have as many of these fruits as you want without any guilt, but of course as with all foods, within moderation.

Cherries can be great for weight loss since they are high in fibre, they are also high in vitamin C and potassium which are great for your body.

Cherries Syn Values

Cherries themselves are a free food on the slimming world but can come in different forms such as glace and jarred, so to help you out we've listed their syn values down below.

  • Tesco Pitted Sweet Cherries 480g - 2.5 syns.
  • Sainsbury's Glace Cherry Halves 200g - 4 syns.
  • Tesco Glace Cherry Halves 200g - 4 syns.
  • Waitrose Dried Cherries 180g - 5 syns.
  • Biona Organic Dried Sour Cherries 100g - 4 syns.

What's The Difference Between Speed Fruits & Free Fruits?

Although cherries are classed as free fruit, they are not glassed as a speed fruit, the difference between the two is that speed fruits are encouraged to be eaten on the slimming world plan without moderation since they are said to help speed up weight loss.

Speed fruits are typically thought to be more nutritionally sound which means they are low in calories but high in nutrients.

How Many Syns In Cherries?

Low Syn Alternatives Free Fruits To Cherries

If you are not keen on cherries and you are looking for a low syn alternative free fruit, we've listed some other free fruits down below.

  • Apples.
  • Bananas (not mashed).
  • Blackberries.
  • Blueberries.
  • Clementines.
  • Grapes.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Kiwi Fruit.

Our Best SW Cherry Recipes

If you're a lover of cherries and you've got some of the fruits lying around we've got two slimming world recipes for you to check out below when you feel like baking something sweet!

Cherry Bakewell Pots

These Bakewell pots serve four people and are just 3 syns each!


  • Drop of almond extract.
  • 350g fat-free vanilla yoghurt.
  • 250g fresh or frozen cherries.
  • Three spoons of cherry conserve.
  • 15g flaked almonds.
  • 350g fat free cherry yoghurt.


  1. To begin, start by mixing the vanilla yoghurt and almond extract as well as the cherries and conserves together.
  2. Heat a frying pan, add the flaked almonds and heat through slightly till toasted, remove from the pan.
  3. Now pour your vanilla yoghurt into a bowl, cherry yoghurt and the cherries mixed with the conserve in 4 jars then serve!

Cherry & Vanilla Brulee Pots


  • Two spoons of sweetener.
  • A vanilla pod split.
  • 400g of cherries without the stone.
  • 380g of fat free plain Greek yoghurt.
  • A drop of vanilla extract.
  • Four spoons of sugar.


  1. Start by taking the seeds from the pod and scraping them into a pan, add in half of the sweetener and around 200ml of boiling water, simmering for 5 minutes.
  2. Heat your grill and while it heats mix the yoghurt, vanilla extract, and spoon of sweetener.
  3. Divide your cherries between dishes, top with the yoghurt then some sugar sprinkled on top and put under the grill until golden.

Last Words

To conclude, cherries are a free food on the slimming world, meaning you can eat as much of them as you want without synning them, we would however recommend having them in moderation since they can be high in sugar.

How Many Syns In Cherries?

Glace and dried cherries will need to be synned due to their higher sugar content, to use cherries in SW recipes, we recommend checking out our two low syn dessert recipes above!

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