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How Many Syns In Birds Eye Inspirations Fish Fingers? Find Out Here!
Published: 12 November, 2021 
February 28, 2022 by Stephanie

What Is The Syn Value Of Birdseye Inspiration Fish Fingers?

Fish fingers make an easy dinner, but due to the breaded coating they are not syn free therefore you have to track them in your daily allowance.

Luckily Birds eye inspiration fish fingers are low in syns, coming at around 2-4 syns per finger, making them a nice low syn meal for a quick weeknight dinner.

In our guide below we will cover the other syns of birds eye fish fingers plus some low syn alternatives to these fish fingers if you can't find them in the supermarket.

Why Are Fish Fingers Low In Syns?

Fish fingers are low in syns because they are predominantly fish and little breadcrumbs, they are also baked which uses little oil. At only 2-4 syns per finger, you could have up to five of them before exceeding your 15 syn daily allowances, making them a great low syn food that is high in protein and healthy.

Birds Eye Fish Finger Syns

Birdseye inspiration fish fingers are much harder to find nowadays as they have been discontinued, they do however still have a great range of low syn fish fingers to choose from which we will list below.

  • Birds Eye 20 Cod Fish Fingers - 12 syns for four fingers.
  • Birds Eye 10 Fish Fingers Haddock - 12 syns for four fingers.
  • Birds Eye 20 Omega 3 Fish Fingers - 12 syns for four fingers.
  • Birds Eye 6 Crispy Battered Fish Fingers Extra Large - 14 syns four fingers.
  • Birds Eye 8 Crispy Batter Fish Fingers - 13 syns for four fingers.
  • Birds Eye 12 Wholegrain Fish Fingers - 12 syns per 4 fish fingers.
  • Birds Eye 12 Gluten Free Fish Fingers - 12 syns 4 fish fingers.
  • Birds Eye 6 Chunky Fish Fingers Extra Large - 11 syns for two chunky fingers.

Low Syn Alternatives To Birds Eye Fish Fingers

If you can't find birds eye fish fingers at your supermarket then there is a wide variety of low syn alternative fish fingers from other brands to check out below.

  • Tesco 10 Omega 3 Fish Fingers - 8.5 syns for three fish fingers.
  • Hearty Food Co 10 Fish Fingers - 7.5 syns for 1/3 serving.
  • Youngs Gastro 8 Chunky Breaded Haddock Fingers - 7.5 syns per two fingers.
  • Tesco Cod Fish Fingers - 11 syns for 1/3 of the pack.
  • Tesco Finest 6 Chunky Cod Fillets Fish Fingers - 12 syns per two fingers.
  • Ella's Kitchen Big Kids Cod Fishies With Vegetable - 2.5 syns per finger.
  • Sainsbury's Taste the Difference 8 Chunky Haddock Fillet Fish Fingers - 11 syns per fish fingers.
  • Sainsbury's Cod Fish Fingers - 8 syns per 1/4 pack.
  • Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From Cod Fish Fingers - 9 syns per three fish fingers.
  • M&S Made Without 9 Cod Fish Fingers Frozen - 8 syns per two fish fingers.
  • Young's Chip Shop 8 Battered Fish Fingers Frozen - 11.5 syns per 4 fingers.
  • M&S 6 Breaded Chunky Cod Fish Fingers - 15 syns per half pack.
  • Quorn Vegan Fishless Fingers - 6 syns per three fingers.

Last Words

Overall, Birdseye inspiration fish fingers are low in syns and make a quick and easy meal without you having to spend too much of your syn allowance, they are also high in protein and make a filling meal paired with homemade SW chips and some speed veg.

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