Is Salmon Syn Free? How About Smoked Salmon Fillets?

Updated on 
4 October, 2022

Can I Eat Salmon On Slimming World? Is Smoked Salmon Syn Friendly?

If you're looking to make a high protein slimming world meal, you might be wondering if salmon is a syn friendly fish on the SW plan?

Salmon is indeed syn free on the slimming world plan and so is canned salmon as long as it's not in oil. Smoked salmon is also considered syn free on the SW plan but should be eaten within moderation.

Can I Eat Salmon On Slimming World? Is Smoked Salmon Syn Friendly?

We've discussed in further detail below if salmon is good for weight loss on slimming world, syn values of salmon products, low syn alternative fish types and two SW recipes using salmon and smoked salmon down below.

Is Salmon Good For Weight Loss?

If you prefer to eat fish over meat or you're looking for some SW-friendly meals, you might be wondering if salmon is good for weight loss on the plan?

Well, salmon is quite high in sodium and fat, having 190 calories for a small fillet, but it is full of good fat such as Omega-three fatty acids which are great for weight loss since they keep you fuller for longer.

Smoked salmon is also good for you thanks to its high protein content, but the smoking process does add lots of sodium to the fish, so should be consumed in moderation despite being syn free. The only salmon which has syns is salmon stored in oil.

Syn Values Of Salmon

Salmon comes in many forms, whether as a fillet, smoked or in a can, so to help you out, we've listed some varying syn values of this fish down below.

  • Salmon fillets - Syn free.
  • Smoked Salmon - Syn free.
  • Pink Salmon, Canned In Brine, Flesh Only, Drained - Syn free.
  • Salmon Pate - 4 syns a 30g serving.
  • Red Salmon, Canned In Brine, Flesh Only, Drained - Syn free.
  • Tesco Ready to Eat Smoked Salmon Slices 120g - Syn free.
  • Aldi The Fishmonger Infused Salmon Fillets with Ginger, Chilli & Lime 220g - Syn free.
  • Sainsbury's Scottish Smoked Salmon 100g - Syn free.
  • Lidl Nixe Salmon Fillet In Sunflower Oil 120g - 7 syns.

Low Syn Alternatives To Salmon & Smoked Salmon

If you are tired of salmon meals and you are looking for another alternative syn friendly fish, we've got some other low syn alternatives for you to check out below.

  • Cod - Syn free.
  • Smoked haddock - Syn free.
  • Sea bass - Syn free.
  • Smoked mackerel - Syn free (unless stored in oil).
  • Hake fillets - Syn free.
  • Rainbow trout fillets - Syn free.
  • Tuna (in brine or fillets) - Syn free.
  • Swordfish - Syn free.
  • Plaice - Syn free.
Low Syn Alternatives To Salmon & Smoked Salmon

Our Best SW Recipes Using Salmon

If you've got some salmon fillets in the freezer or maybe some smoked salmon, you might be wondering what slimming world recipes you can create out of this fish since it's syn free.

To give you some cooking inspo, we've listed two recipes down below with both regular salmon and smoked salmon down below.

SW Smoked Salmon & Eggs

A breakfast classic, this SW smoked salmon and eggs recipe is syn free as long as you are using your wholemeal bread as your healthy extra B.

We've listed the recipe details down below which serves four people.


  • Ten cherry tomatoes.
  • 120g of mushrooms.
  • Eight slices of wholemeal bread.
  • Seven teaspoons of quark.
  • 250g of smoked salmon.
  • Six eggs.
  • Few pinches of fresh dill.


  1. Start by whisking your eggs together, put a pinch of dill and some seasoning.
  2. Next, take your frying pan and start frying off the mushrooms and tomatoes until they start to soften, then add in the eggs and scramble until cooked as desired.
  3. Toast your bread, put on the quark, mushrooms and tomatoes then top with the egg and smoked salmon and serve!

Our SW Teriyaki Salmon

If you've got some salmon fillets to use up in the fridge, our Teriyaki salmon recipe is a great syn free weeknight meal and serves 4 for the whole family or leftovers the next day!


  • Handful of spring onions.
  • Spoon of lemon juice.
  • Drop of marmite.
  • Three spoons of soy sauce.
  • Three garlic cloves.
  • Spoon of lemon juice.
  • Four salmon fillets.
  • Pinch of chilli powder.


  1. Begin by heating your oven to gas mark 6 then slice up your spring onions, toss in the lemon juice, garlic, marmite, soy sauce, chilli powder and around 100ml of boiled water and blend.
  2. Put your salmon fillets in a baking dish and pour over the prepared sauce, sprinkling with the spring onions, and bake for 15 minutes until the sauce has thickened. Serve and enjoy with rice!
Our Best SW Recipes Using Salmon

Last Words

Overall, Salmon is a great high protein syn free fish to enjoy in the slimming world and is full of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids which are good for keeping you full, whether you choose smoked, fresh or canned salmon.

Do be cautious about salmon kept in oil, since this will add to the syn content, instead choose salmon in the brine.

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