How Many Syns In Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding & Low Syn Alternatives

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18 January, 2022

Is There A Lot Of Syns In Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding?

Rice pudding is a great light dessert, it often doesn't have too many calories, but since the rice is in milk and sugar, you do have to track their syns.

Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding in particular has 6 syns a pot, which is quite high in syns, therefore it should be eaten in moderation to avoid going over your syn allowance

So as you can enjoy your rice pudding without having to worry about syns, we've made a guide below which will take you through whether or not you can eat Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding on the slimming world plan, the syn values of their other pudding products and some low syn alternatives from other brands, we will also throw in an SW recipe for rice pudding which is only 3 syns!

Can I Eat Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding On The Slimming World Plan?

Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding is high in syns, but as long as you have enough syns left in your 15 syn daily allowances, you can happily eat your rice pudding without ruining your diet.

You should however consume rice pudding in moderation, only two small light pots will take your whole syn allowance for the day.

Why Is Rice Pudding So High In Syns?

Rice pudding is very high in sugar and carbohydrates, the milk adds fat content too, this all contributes to higher calorie content, therefore, makes it higher in syns.

The dessert doesn't offer too many nutritional benefits either and can be easy to overeat due to its small volume so should always be eating it in moderation.

Ambrosia Rice Pudding Syn Values

Ambrosia has a couple of different rice pudding products with varying syns, we've listed them down below to help you out.

  • Ambrosia Rice Pudding 150G - 7.5 syns a pot.
  • Ambrosia Creamed Rice Pudding 4 X 125G - 6.5 syns.
  • Ambrosia Low Fat Rice Pudding 400G Tin - 8 syns.
  • Ambrosia Rice Pudding Pot 400G - 10 syns.
  • Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding 150G - 6 syns.
  • Ambrosia Chocolate Rice Pudding Pot 150g - 7.5 syns.
  • Ambrosia Strawberry Rice Pudding Pot 150g - 7.5 syns.
  • Ambrosia Creamed Rice Sultanas & Nutmeg 400G Tin - 11 syns.

Low Syn Alternatives To Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding

If you find Ambrosia Light rice pudding too high in syns, there are other low syn alternatives to check out from other brands.

  • Tesco Rice Pudding 400G - 9.5 syns a serving.
  • Tesco Creamy Rice Pudding 500G - 9 syns a serving.
  • Tesco Light Rice Pudding 400G - 8 syns.
  • Stockwell & Co. Rice Pudding 400G - 8 syns.
  • Tesco 2 Creamy Rice Puddings 2 X 173G - 12.5 syns.
  • Muller Rice Original 180G - 5 syns for 100g.
  • Muller Rice Strawberry 180G - 5.5 syns.
  • Muller Rice Raspberry & Apple 6X180g - 5.5 syns.
  • Sainsbury's Rice Pudding, Low Fat, Be Good To Yourself 400g - 9 syns.
  • Hubbards Foodstore Rice Pudding 400g - 8.5 syns a serving.
  • Sainsbury's Rice Pudding, Creamed 400g - 9.5 syns.

Our Slimming World Friendly Rice Pudding Recipe

One way to save some syns on your rice pudding is by getting creative in the kitchen and making your own! Our recipe below serves four people and is 3 syns a serving.


  • Low cal cooking spray.
  • A pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • 100g of rice pudding rice.
  • Two spoons of sweetener of choice.
  • 600ml of milk.
  • A mango peeled and chopped.


  1. To start, preheat your oven to a low heat such as gas mark 2 then spray a baking dish with some of your low cal sprays.
  2. Rinse your rice under some cold water for about three minutes then pour into the greased baking dish, put in your milk, sweetener and sprinkle over the spices.
  3. Now bake the pudding in the oven for around 50 minutes, take the pudding out, stir and then bake for another half an hour until the rice pudding becomes browned.

Last Words

Overall, Ambrosia light rice pudding has 6 syns a pot, making it high in syns, you should only eat this rice pudding in moderation due to its high sugar and fat content. If you want to save some syns, we suggest making your rice pudding or checking out one of our low syn alternatives above.

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