Are Energy Drinks Syn Free? Find Out Here!

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28 February, 2022

Do Energy Drinks Have A Lot Of Syns?

We all need a boost during a weekday afternoon, and many of us turn to energy drinks for some extra fuel throughout the day, but since these drinks often have sugar and flavourings, this can make them high in syns if you are not careful.

Some energy drinks are syn free, such as red bull sugar-free, however, some with sugar can have up to your whole daily syn allowance.

To help you figure out which energy drinks are syn free we have composed a short guide below which will take you through which energy drinks are syn free, syn values of full-sugar energy drinks and whether or not energy drinks are healthy on the SW plan.

Which Energy Drinks Are Syn Free On Slimming World?

Most energy drinks which have no sugar in them are syn free, this is because they are typically sweetened with sweeteners instead which don't have calories. Some people prefer to syn them as one or half a syn however to prevent over-drinking them due to them having little calories.

We've listed out some popular energy drinks you can find at the supermarket which are syn free down below.

  • Red Bull Energy Drink Sugar-Free.
  • Tesco Blue Spark Sugar-Free Energy Drink 1L.
  • Lucozade Zero Sugar Pink Lemonade 900Ml.
  • Monster Energy Ultra.
  • Monster Absolute Zero.
  • Tiger Zero Energy Drink Sugar-Free 250Ml.

Energy Drinks Syn Values

Energy drinks that are not sugar-free do have syns which need to be counted, we've made a small list of branded ones below to help you stay on track and make wiser choices when it comes to syns.

  • Tesco Blue Spark 24X250ml - 3 syns per can.
  • Purdeys Grape & Apple Natural Energy Drink 4X250ml - 2.5 syns per can.
  • Red Bull Energy Drink - 4 syns per can.
  • Monster Energy - 12 syns per can.
  • Purdeys Refocus Dark Fruits Energy Drink 4X250ml - 2.5 syns per can.
  • Monster Mango Loco Energy Drink 4X500ml - 12 syns per can.
  • Monster Pacific Punch Energy Drink - 11.5 syns per can.
  • Monster Pipeline Punch - 9 syns per can.
  • N-Gine Energy Drink Blue 250Ml - 5 syns per can.
  • Rockstar Punched Guava 4X500ml - 6 syns a can.
  • V Energy Drink 250Ml - 2.5 syns per can.
  • Tenzing Energy Drink Raspberry & Yuzu 250Ml - 1.5 syns per can.
  • Lucozade Energy Orange - 6.5 syns per can.
  • Rubicon Raw Energy Raspberry /Bluberry 4X500ml - 5.5 syns a can.
  • Tenzing Natural Energy Cans 4X250ml - 2.5 syns per can.
  • Grenade Cherry Bomb Energy Drink 330Ml - 2.5 syns per can.
  • Rockstar Punched Guava 4X500ml - 6 syns per can.

Are Energy Drinks Healthy On The SW Plan?

Energy drinks have a love and hate reputation in the diet world, they are often very high in caffeine and sugars (unless you get the sugar free versions) which can be damaging to your health when consumed in excess.

However, having an energy drink when you feel tired now and then on the slimming world diet will not likely cause any harmful health effects, you should never mix energy drinks and alcohol however as it can increase its effects.

Other natural ways to get energy could be through black coffee and herbal teas which are syn free, you could also pick healthy foods such as carbs and dark chocolate to get an energy boost.

Last Words

Overall, energy drinks are syn free on the slimming world plan as long as you choose the sugar-free version, we suggest however only have one energy drink a day in your diet due to the high amount of caffeine inside of them which can be harmful if drunk in excess.

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