How Many Syns In Quorn Chicken Pieces? Find Out Here!

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11 August, 2022

Are Quorn Chicken Pieces Syn Free On The Slimming World? - Our Syn Guide

If you are a vegetarian on the slimming world diet or maybe you are looking to incorporate more veggie meals into your weekly dinners on the plan, you might be wondering about the syns in Quorn chicken pieces, are they syn free?

Are Quorn Chicken Pieces Syn Free On The Slimming World?

Quorn chicken pieces are indeed syn free on the slimming world, making them a great vegetarian high protein addition for putting in meals or as slimming world snack.

Down below, we will discuss why Quorn chicken pieces are syn-free on slimming world, some syn values of Quorn products and two SW recipes using Quorn chicken pieces for some cooking inspiration.

Why Are Quorn Chicken Pieces Syn Free?

Quorn chicken pieces are syn free on the slimming world plan meaning you can have as much of them as you want on the plan without having to track any syns.

These vegetarian pieces are syn-free thanks to them technically being lean, low in calories and high in protein, like lean cuts of chicken. To keep Quorn chicken pieces syn free/low in syns we would make sure to cook them in low cal cooking spray rather than regular oil.

Syn Values Of Quorn Products

Quorn has a wide range of low syn and syn-free products to cook with on the slimming world for some veggie meals, to help you stay on track with your syns we've listed some general options down below.

Syn Values Of Quorn Products
  • Quorn southern fried burgers - 2.5 syns per burger.
  • Quorn sausages - 1 syn per sausage.
  • Quorn chicken pieces - SYN FREE.
  • Quorn chicken nuggets - 0.5 syns per nugget.
  • Quorn quarter pounders - 2.5 syns each.
  • Quorn burgers - 8 syns each.
  • Quorn chicken style fajitas - 2.5 syns a serving.
  • Quorn BBQ slice fillets - syn free.
  • Quorn Gruyere cheese escalopes in breadcrumbs - 7.5 syns per one.
  • Quorn toad in the hole - 7.5 syns per serving.
  • Quorn Mozzarella & Pesto Escalopes - 7 syns per one.
  • Quorn mini kievs - 0.5 syns per one.
  • Quorn cottage pie - 9 syns a serving.
  • Quorn big bites - 2 syns per one.
  • Quorn Mediterranean chicken crisp bakes - 7 syns per bake.
  • Quorn lasagne - 8 syns a serving.
  • Quorn satay skewers - 3 syns each.

Our Best Slimming World Recipes With Quorn Chicken Pieces

If you've got a pack of syn-free Quorn chicken pieces in the freezer, you might be wondering what to cook with them.

We've got two recipes below which are low in syns and super easy to make!

SW Quorn Casserole


  • Half a tub of fat-free cream cheese.
  • 100ml of almond milk.
  • Selection of veggies.
  • One bag of chicken Quorn pieces.


  1. Par boil the veggies you have chosen and fry off the chicken Quorn pieces according to the instructions.
  2. Stir your cream cheese and milk into the Quorn then the veggies, cover and simmer for half an hour.
  3. Serve with a syn-free side of choice!

SW Quorn Chicken Tikka Masala


  • One can of chopped tomatoes.
  • Four spoons of tikka curry powder.
  • 100ml of water.
  • Spoon of lemon juice.
  • One pinch of cumin.
  • 300g of plain fat free yoghurt.
  • Two onions.
  • Piece of ginger.
  • 150g of mushrooms.
  • 300g of Quorn pieces.
  • Two peppers.


  1. Start by frying off your onion in some low cal cooking spray then add in your veggies, garlic, ginger and the spice, fry for a few minutes before adding in the Quorn chicken pieces.
  2. Add in the tomatoes and lemon juice then allow it to simmer for around 25 minutes.
  3. Take off the heat, mix in the yoghurt and serve!

Last Words

Overall, Quorn chicken pieces are syn free on the slimming world, making them the perfect high protein addition to meals which are slimming world friendly if you are a veggie or want to try out more plant-based meals on the plan.

Our Best Slimming World Recipes With Quorn Chicken Pieces

To keep syns low we suggest following slimming world-friendly recipes when cooking with them and only frying them in low cal cooking spray rather than regular oil.

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