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How Many Syns In Mushy Peas? Find Out Here!

Updated on 
14 May, 2022

Are Mushy Peas High In Syns? - Our Guide!

Whether you ask for mushy peas as your staple side at the chippy, or simply prefer mushy peas texture to normal peas, it's important to know their syn values while following the slimming world plan.

How Many Syns In Mushy Peas? Find Out Here!

Mushy peas are syn free on the slimming world plan as are frozen peas or fresh peas, meaning you can have as much of them as you want on the slimming world plan. 

In our guide below, we will discuss why mushy peas are syn free, other tinned vegetables that are syn free as well as how to make mushy peas at home!

Why Are Mushy Peas Syn Free On Slimming World?

Mushy peas are syn free on the SW plan because they are simply peas, no extra ingredients are needed to mash them, you will likely find that tinned mushy peas have salt and water as extras, so you should always be conscious of the sodium content that your peas have.

For 100g, you will typically find that mushy peas have around 4 syns or 80 calories, making them an excellent syn free side.

What Other Vegetables Are Syn Free On Slimming World?

Most vegetables which are tinned are all syn free on the slimming world, from tinned carrots to tomatoes, you should however always be checking the ingredients on the tin to make sure. Syn free tinned veggies will have no oil, sugar or extras added in, they will simply be tinned in water or preservatives.

How Many Syns In Mushy Peas? Find Out Here!

How To Make SW Friendly Mushy Peas

If you want to go down the more natural route, it's better to make your mushy peas at home than buy tinned versions.

We've listed out a syn free slimming world recipe for making your own below.


  • 450g of frozen peas.
  • Finely chopped mint.
  • Three spoons of zero fat yoghurts.
  • Pinch of black pepper.
  • A teaspoon of sweetener.


  1. First, boil your peas until they become nice and soft, add in your mint, sweetener and black pepper.
  2. Blend or use a fork to mash all the ingredients, stir in the yoghurt and enjoy.
How Many Syns In Mushy Peas? Find Out Here!

Final Words

Overall, mushy peas are syn free on the slimming world plan whether you make your own or buy a tinned version, do be aware of the sodium content, however. Most tinned veggies are syn free on the plan, just be aware of any added ingredients such as sugar and oil which could contribute to syns and unwanted calories.

Having a sweet tooth, with the ability to cook is a dangerous combination. Fat girl-turned skinny, I am very proud of eating my way into a healthier me (of course working out helped a lot!). On SheCooksSheEats, I share my best recipes so you too can enjoy your food without the guilt along with some cool tips to help you towards your goal! Happy reading xx :)
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