How Many Syns In Crab Sticks? Find Out Here!

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3 August, 2022

How Many Syns In Seafood Sticks? (also known as crab (krab) sticks)

If your looking for a quick and easy snack which is high in protein and low in syns, you might have wondered if crab sticks are slimming world friendly.

Crab sticks are syn free on the slimming world, meaning you can have as many of them as you want without tracking their syns, making them an excellent high protein snack choice.

How Many Syns In Crab Sticks?

Down below in our guide we will discuss why crab sticks are syn free on the slimming world, other syn free seafood as well as two crab SW recipes below using these syn free seafood sticks.

Why Are Crabsticks Syn Free On The Slimming World?

Crabsticks are also known as seafood sticks (known, originally, as kanikama in Japan) are syn free on the slimming world due to them being low in fat and calories, having just 18 calories for one stick and 0.5g of fat. This makes them a great snack to have as part of lunch or even a sandwich when you want to up the protein, having 1.5g of protein per small stick.

Although crabsticks are relatively healthy for you they are fairly high in sodium for their small size, so we would suggest eating them in moderation.

Syn Free Seafood Snacks

Seafood is a great lean high protein source and is nearly always syn free on the slimming world plan, to help you out with some more syn free snack ideas, we've listed some other seafood snacks to check out below.

  • King prawns - Syn free.
  • Mussels - Syn free.
  • Crayfish - Syn free.
  • Tuna in spring water - Syn free.
  • Salmon tinned (no oil) - Syn free.
  • Smoked salmon - Syn free.
  • Mackerel - Syn free (no oil).
How Many Syns In Crab Sticks?

Our Favourite SW Recipes With Crabsticks

If you've got some seafood sticks stocked up in your fridge and you don't want to do with them, we've got two great SW recipes for you to check out below.

Crabstick Salad (2 syns a serving)


  • 200g of crabsticks.
  • Half a cup of Greek yoghurt.
  • Tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Pinch of garlic and onion powder.
  • Two spring onions chopped.
  • Two spoons of light mayonnaise.


  1. Begin by chopping up your seafood sticks very small then add in a bowl with all your other ingredients, works great served on top of potato or crackers for example.

Crabstick Pate


  • Tinned mackerel in spring water.
  • Eight crabsticks.
  • Two tablespoons of quark of fat-free natural yoghurt.


  1. Simply blend all of the ingredients and serve as a snack with veggie sticks or even as a sandwich filler.

Last Words

Overall, crabsticks are syn free on the slimming world, making them an ideal low syn high protein snack to have when you get hungry. We would recommend having them in moderation however since they are quite high in sodium.

How Many Syns In Crab Sticks?

If you have some crabsticks lying around in the fridge they can also make excellent sandwich fillers or as a pate when chopped and blended.

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