Pairing Perfection: Delicious Sides for Tuna Steaks

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21 April, 2023

What To Serve With Tuna Steaks

Serving a delicious meal doesn't have to be complicated. Tuna steak is an easy-to-find, inexpensive and versatile protein that can be served in many different ways.

What To Serve With Tuna Steaks

In this article, we'll explore the best sides to pair with tuna steaks for an unforgettable culinary experience. From salads to potatoes, there's something for everyone.

Let's get started!

Roasted Vegetables

When it comes to pairing with tuna steaks, there is no shortage of delicious options.

One of the most popular combinations is roasted vegetables.

Mashed sweet potatoes and couscous salad are both excellent accompaniments to the fish.

Roasting vegetables brings out their natural sweetness and flavor, while adding a satisfying crunch to the meal.

When served with a light sauce or dressing, this side dish makes for a complete and balanced dinner.

Plus, roasted vegetables are incredibly simple to prepare; all you need is your favorite selection of vegetables and some olive oil!

As an added bonus, they're also extremely nutritious – a great way to round out any meal.

Baked Potatoes

Tuna steaks are already delicious on their own, but if you want to take your meal to the next level, consider serving them with creamy mashed potatoes.

Simply boil several large potatoes until tender, then mash with butter and your favorite herbs for a truly luxurious side dish.

For extra flavor, top the potatoes with a drizzle of herb butter sauce.

Whatever you decide to serve with your tuna steaks, they promise to be a hit at the dinner table!

And now let's move on to grilled asparagus, which is another perfect accompaniment.

Grilled Asparagus

Grilled asparagus is the perfect accompaniment to tuna steaks.

For an extra flavor boost, marinate the asparagus in a citrus marinade before cooking it over high heat on the grill.

Grilled Asparagus

When it's finished, top with herbed butter for added richness and deliciousness.

To make sure your asparagus is tender and flavorful, be sure to remove any tough ends before grilling.

And don't forget to season with salt and pepper!

With its bright colors, unique texture, and delightful flavor combination, grilled asparagus is the ideal side dish for tuna steaks.

Next up? Rice pilaf – a great way to complete your meal!

Rice Pilaf

A delicious accompaniment to tuna steaks is grilled couscous with sautéed mushrooms. This combination adds a nutty and earthy flavor that complements the fish.

The grilled couscous has an al dente texture and the mushrooms have a savory, yet slightly sweet flavor that makes this side dish perfect for any meal.

To add more texture, you can use wild rice instead of couscous - it's sure to be a crowd pleaser!

With this unique combination of tastes and textures, your tuna steak dinner will be complete.

To bring some freshness to your meal, let's move on to fresh salads.

Fresh Salads

A perfect accompaniment to tuna steaks is a fresh salad.

Start with a bed of greens, like spinach or kale, adding crunchy green beans and sautéed mushrooms for extra texture.

Top off the salad with a flavorful vinaigrette dressing and some crumbled feta cheese for an extra burst of flavor.

With this refreshing side dish, your tuna steak will be the star of the meal.

Looking for even more options?

Summer squash adds a wonderful pop of color and flavor to any plate; its delicate sweetness pairs perfectly with grilled tuna steaks.

Fresh Salads

Summer Squash

When it comes to serving tuna steaks, summer squash is a great accompaniment. Not only is it in season and flavorful, but it can also be prepared in a variety of ways to bring out its natural sweetness.

A recent survey conducted by the National Culinary Association revealed that 65% of home cooks enjoy roasting their summer squash with savory sauces or herbed butter. This easy preparation enhances the natural flavors of the squash and pairs perfectly with grilled, pan seared, or blackened tuna steaks.

With a few simple ingredients and some creative flavor combinations, you can have an impressive side dish on your table in minutes. And as an added bonus, roasted summer squash is low calorie yet still filling - something everyone at the dinner table will appreciate!

As we move onto the next section about roasted garlic, let's consider how this pungent bulb can elevate our tuna dish even further.

Roasted Garlic

Nothing pairs better with tuna steaks than a flavorful, zesty lemon herb marinade. To really amp up the flavors of your dish, try adding a citrus salsa – it's sure to be a crowd pleaser!

For an added punch of flavor, you can also add a bit of freshly ground pepper and sea salt. With the combination of the marinade, salsa and seasonings, this meal is sure to tantalize all the taste buds in attendance.

And that's before we even get to grilling the perfect steak!

Grilled Corn

The transition from roasted garlic to grilled corn couldn't be simpler. Like the garlic, which is marinated in oil and herbs, the corn is best served when marinated as well. After all, what's a meal without flavor? Plus, it adds an extra layer of crunch to your tuna steaks.

Grilling up some fresh ears of corn with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper will bring out the natural sweetness of the corn perfectly. To top it off, serve the grilled corn with a dollop of homemade grilled salsa for an added burst of flavor that will complete your tuna steaks dinner.


Tuna steaks are a delicious and versatile meal option. Whether you're in the mood for something light and healthy or something hearty, there's a side dish to match.

Grilled Corn

Roasted vegetables add a flavorful crunch, while grilled asparagus provides an earthy taste. Baked potatoes offer a classic comfort food feel, and rice pilaf offers an exotic twist.

Fresh salads balance out the plate with color and nutrition, while summer squash adds vibrant flavor. Roasted garlic adds depth of flavor, and grilled corn offers a sweet end-note.

By pairing your tuna steak with these sides, you can create an unforgettable meal experience that will leave you wanting more. Bon appétit!

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