Taco 'bout a Party: Delicious Sides to Serve with Your Tacos!

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21 April, 2023

What To Serve With Tacos

Tacos are a classic dish for any occasion, but it can be difficult to know what to serve alongside them. Whether you're looking for a filling side dish that'll make your tacos even more delicious, or something light and refreshing to balance out the flavors, we've got you covered.

What To Serve With Tacos

We've rounded up some of the best accompaniments for tacos that will ensure your meal is complete. Read on to find out our top picks!

Mexican Rice

Nothing pairs better with tacos than Mexican rice! It's like a comforting hug for your palate - it's warm, flavorful, and can be customized to make it unique.

To make the perfect Mexican rice, start by sautéing some garlic and onion in oil until fragrant. Then add in your favorite seasoning mix, as well as long-grain white rice. Pour in some chicken broth (or vegetable broth for vegetarian tacos!), cover the pot, and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

Serve alongside your tacos with a side of tortilla chips for extra crunch. With all these flavors combined, you'll have an unforgettable taco night!

Refried Beans

Refried beans round out your taco night in a delicious, nutritious way.

In Mexican cuisine, there are many varieties of beans that can be used for refrying. Pinto beans are the most common variety, but black, navy and garbanzo beans also work well. All of these bean varieties are an excellent source of protein and fiber, making them a great choice for vegetarians or those looking to increase their intake of plant-based proteins.

Depending on how you prepare them, refried beans can have a creamy texture or be more chunky. No matter which type you go for, they’re sure to add some extra flavor to your tacos.

And with that perfect combination in hand, all that's left is to get ready for the next delicious accompaniment: guacamole!


What could be better than tacos and guacamole? There is something so comforting and delicious about the creamy avocado dip that pairs perfectly with every kind of taco.


Plus, there are so many spicy variations you can make to add different flavors to your meal! From adding some diced jalapeños for a kick, to sprinkling in chili powder or cayenne pepper for a smoky heat, you'll be sure to find the perfect topping for your tacos.

With all the exciting possibilities, it's no wonder guacamole is an essential addition to any taco night!

Time now to turn our attention to salsa - a condiment that brings its own unique flavor.


Moving on from guacamole, we find ourselves looking at another favorite taco accompaniment: salsa.

This delicious condiment offers a burst of spicy flavors and is the perfect way to add a touch of heat to your tacos. It can be made in a variety of ways, whether you like it chunky or smooth, mild or hot. Plus, adding some herb garnishes like cilantro and mint can really kick up the flavor.

For those who love avocado but don’t want all that creamy texture, salsa is an excellent alternative since it contains many of the same ingredients without being too heavy.

The possibilities for spicing up your tacos with salsa are endless. And speaking of avocados...


Avocado is an essential component to any delicious taco.

As the saying goes, 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,' and this certainly applies to tacos!

With a creamy texture, mild flavor, and a healthy dose of good fats, avocados provide the perfect contrast to crunchy taco shells and zesty fillings.

Plus, adding avocado can help reduce spiciness in dishes, making them more enjoyable for those with sensitive palates.

For cooking tips, try slicing the avocado lengthwise and scooping out the flesh directly into tacos or spreading mashed avocado over the top for extra creaminess.

Variations on avocado toppings can also be made with spicy salsas or chili garlic sauce for an extra kick!



Avocado pairs perfectly with tacos, but another ingredient that's just as delicious and adds a more robust flavor to the dish is corn.

Crumble some salty corn chips on top of your tacos for an extra crunchy texture or mix up a classic Mexican elote salad to serve alongside.

This salad consists of roasted or boiled sweetcorn, chili powder, lime juice, cilantro, and queso fresco.

It's best served chilled, so it can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge until you're ready to eat.

With its unique taste and texture, this elote salad is sure to be a hit at your taco night.

Now let's move on to topping our tacos with the creamy cheese known as queso fresco.

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a must-have accompaniment to tacos.

Making queso fresco can be quite simple, as it's essentially just a combination of curdled milk and lime juice. However, there are variations of the traditional recipe that can really enhance the flavor profile. These variations include adding cream or herbs, or substituting different citrus juices such as orange or grapefruit instead of lime juice.

Queso fresco adds a creamy texture to tacos which pairs perfectly with the crunchy shells. On its own, it's also delicious served with chips or vegetables.

With its versatility and ease of preparation, queso fresco is an ideal side for any taco night.

Now onto the next taco essential: lime wedges!

Lime Wedges

Lime wedges are a must-have accompaniment to tacos, adding a tangy flavor and citrus zest that pairs perfectly with the savory dish.

Served on the side, lime wedges can be squeezed over the taco just before eating for an extra burst of flavor.

Lime is also a great way to balance out spicy dishes, so if your tacos are particularly hot, lime wedges will help bring them back down to earth.

For those who want to take their tacos to a whole new level of deliciousness, freshly squeezed lime juice is the key!

Lime Wedges


Tacos are a classic Mexican dish that can be served with an array of tantalizing sides.

I'm sure you'll love the flavors of Mexican rice, refried beans, guacamole and salsa you'll get to enjoy alongside your tacos.

The creamy texture of avocado adds a nice contrast to the crunchy tacos while corn gives it a subtle sweetness.

To bring it all together, top your tacos with some crumbled queso fresco and squeeze fresh lime wedges over everything.

With such an amazing combination of flavors, this meal is sure to tantalize everyone's taste buds!

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