What to Serve with Thai Fish Cakes: 5 Delicious Side Dishes to Elevate Your Meal!

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28 April, 2023

What To Serve With Thai Fish Cakes

Are you looking for a delicious side to go with your Thai fish cakes? You're in luck! There are plenty of creative and tasty options out there that will perfectly complement the flavors of this popular dish.

What To Serve With Thai Fish Cakes

In this article, we'll explore some of the best sides to serve alongside Thai fish cakes so you can create a complete meal everyone will love!

Keep reading to find out what to serve with your Thai fish cakes.

Noodle Dishes

A perfect accompaniment to Thai fish cakes is a delicious noodle dish. To really bring out the flavors, try experimenting with a few different sauce combinations.

A popular choice is Pad Thai noodles which have a sweet and spicy flavor that pairs nicely with fish cakes. Spicy noodles are another great option, as they can be easily adjusted to different levels of heat depending on individual tastes. For extra flavor, consider adding some dipping sauces such as Sriracha or a chili-lime mixture.

With so many options available, you can find something to suit everyone's palate.

Rice dishes also make an excellent pairing for Thai fish cakes. From fried rice to jasmine rice and everything in between, there are countless recipes to explore.

Adding vegetables to the dish will provide crunch and texture while herbs like cilantro and basil add freshness that helps balance the heavier flavors of the fish cake itself. Try incorporating coconut milk for an added layer of richness or top it off with peanuts for a salty finish.

Rice Dishes

Rice dishes are a great way to accompany Thai fish cakes.

One popular dish is stir fried greens, which can be cooked in a variety of ways. For instance, you could sauté garlic and ginger in oil, then add vegetables such as bok choy or broccoli and stir fry until tender. Add some fish sauce for an extra kick of flavor.

Alternatively, herb infused rice is also an excellent accompaniment for Thai fish cakes. To make this dish, simply cook some long grain white rice with herbs like cilantro and basil. You can use any combination of herbs you prefer depending on your individual tastes. The flavors will infuse into the rice while it cooks, creating a savory and aromatic side dish to go along with your Thai fish cakes.

Moving on to curry dishes...

Rice Dishes

Curry Dishes

When it comes to serving Thai fish cakes, there are numerous dishes that pair perfectly with them. Curry dishes are a great option as they offer a wide range of flavors and spice levels.

They can be served with:

  • Spicy sauces:
  • Red curry sauce
  • Green curry sauce
  • Peanut sauces:
  • Red peanut sauce
  • Green peanut sauce

Curry dishes are an excellent way to add flavor to any meal and their versatility makes them ideal for pairing with Thai fish cakes. The different sauces provide a unique and flavorful experience for any palate. With such an array of choices, there is sure to be something to satisfy every taste bud!

Transitioning into the next section, vegetable dishes can provide another layer of flavors and textures to the meal.

Vegetable Dishes

Pairing a spicy stir fry with Thai fish cakes is always a great idea.

A simple stir fried vegetable dish, such as bok choy, snow peas, and carrots, is an easy side dish to make in a wok or skillet. Add some garlic and ginger for extra flavor, and finish the dish with a drizzle of sesame oil and soy sauce.

This will add the perfect amount of spice to the fish cakes while providing a nutritious accompaniment.

Salads are another delicious way to complete your meal.

Create a colorful salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and red onions. Top it off with creamy avocado slices and crunchy roasted peanuts for texture.

Drizzle with a dressing of your choice or simply serve with olive oil and lime juice for an easy yet flavorful touch.

Salad Dishes

One delicious side to serve with Thai fish cakes is a salad.

To make the salad more flavorful, try spicing up the dressing. Mix together ingredients such as garlic and red pepper flakes to give it a kick. You can also opt for something more subtle, like adding a squeeze of fresh lime or orange juice to your favorite dressing. Topped with herbs like cilantro and parsley, this will add an aromatic note to the dish.

Salads are also great for adding texture and crunch to any meal. From carrots and cabbage to celery and onions, there are so many vegetables you can add for variety. If you're looking for something heartier, try adding quinoa, chickpeas or roasted potatoes for extra protein and fiber. A few slices of avocado will also work nicely here too!

With the perfect combination of dressing, vegetables, and garnishes, your Thai fish cakes will be complemented perfectly by a flavorful salad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Fish Is Best To Use In Thai Fish Cakes?

What type of fish is best to use in Thai fish cakes?

Without a doubt, the answer is undeniably fresh white fish! Preparation methods vary, but typically the fillets are ground up and mixed with other ingredients like garlic, chili paste, and herbs.

If you're looking for something truly out of this world in terms of taste and texture, then nothing beats the combination of high-quality white fish and traditional Thai flavors. It's incredibly flavorful and sure to tantalize even the most discerning palates!

What Type Of Fish Is Best To Use In Thai Fish Cakes?

How Long Should The Fish Cakes Be Cooked For?

Cooking thai fish cakes can be tricky, but with the right cooking tips, you can get it just right.

The type of fish used for the fish cakes is important - a mild white fish like cod or haddock works well.

As for how long to cook them, they should be fried in hot oil for 2-3 minutes per side until golden and crispy.

Serve them as an appetizer with a dipping sauce like sweet chili sauce, or as part of a larger meal with side dishes like steamed jasmine rice or stir-fried vegetables.

Is There An Alternative To The Traditional Thai Fish Cake Recipe?

For those looking to try something different, thai fish cakes can offer a variety of flavor variations and vegan substitutes.

The traditional recipe calls for a mixture of fresh fish, red curry paste, and coconut milk; however, there are plenty of ways to switch up the flavor or ingredients.

You can substitute the fish with tofu or tempeh for a vegan version, and you could even add herbs such as cilantro or basil to the mixture for a more intense flavor.

With so many options available, it's easy to find an alternative that suits your tastes and dietary needs.

What Type Of Dipping Sauce Should Be Served With Thai Fish Cakes?

Thai fish cakes can be served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as one made from pickled vegetables and Asian herbs.

The pickled vegetables provide a zesty flavor and crunchy texture, while the herbs give it an aromatic note.

This sauce is a great accompaniment to the traditional thai fish cake recipe, adding some extra flavor and texture to the dish.

Is There A Gluten-Free Version Of Thai Fish Cakes?

If you're looking for a gluten free version of thai fish cakes, look no further!

Making a gluten-free version is easy, with the right spice combinations and substitutes.

All you need to do is use gluten-free flours instead of traditional wheat flour, and swap out any other ingredients that would typically contain gluten.

With this in mind, it's a piece of cake (or in this case, fish cake) to create a delicious and healthy alternative.


In conclusion, Thai Fish Cakes are a delicious and easy way to enjoy seafood. When making these delicious treats, it is important to use the right type of fish and cook them for the recommended time.

Is There A Gluten-Free Version Of Thai Fish Cakes?

There are alternative recipes such as gluten-free versions for those who have dietary restrictions. To really enjoy this dish, a flavorful dipping sauce should be served alongside the fish cakes.

For example, a sweet chili sauce pairs nicely with the fish cakes and adds an extra layer of flavor. With the right ingredients and preparation methods, Thai Fish Cakes can be enjoyed by everyone!

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